Monday, February 23, 2009

Last weeks update pic

Here is last weeks update pic - its been travelling around on hubby's camera all week and he finally uploaded last night :) The best bit is I can see by just looking at this pics how much progress I have made in the last week... I will take some more photos a bit later and hopefully get them uploaded too...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Bwookie

My friend Brooke celebrated her birthday on February 12th - Here is the crochet gift that I made for her. Its the 12-point round ripple afghan made in her favourite colour yellow :) She received her package yesterday so I can finally upload the pic. This also shows off my new haircut :) and my messy kitchen - lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Birthday Sash :)

February is my birthday month :) yay - This year will be my 38th birthday... (sigh) But the excitement of recieving birthday stash always makes up for it... thanks to the birthday club.
Thankyou to Anne E for the above 2 kits :) A cute photoframe done with ribbons and a bookmark kit.
I also recieved a lovely Crystal hangy thing from the co-ordinator Jenny... but I have tried to take a pic and it just doesn't show up properly. The littlest princess loves this pretty - She keeps wanting me to lift her up to touch it - least I get my exercise - LOL
Off to stitch tonight on my mice.
hugs C xx

Thankyou Bliss...

Thankyou bliss for the lovely Valentines exchange that I received yesterday :) I love it :) The floss colours are so pretty and the gingham ribbon is so cute. I might do these as an in-between stitch when I need a change. I would like to make them into smelly sachets for the girls/our room(s).

Thanks hon for the nice mail :)

Hugs C xx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weekly progress pic :) 11th February 2009

I have not really had alot of stitching time this week - I have maybe spent 5 hours stitching?? - but I can see progress on my little mouse :)

Reason for not stitching - I suddenly realised that it was my best friends birthday on February 12th and I needed to make her something...

I decided I would crochet her something (not stating what as she reads my blog and I don't want to ruin my surprise :) ) - many hours later her birthday is tomorrow and I have not completed her gift :( But she understands that life happens and I will post when I can :) As soon as I finish this post I plan to go sit in my favourite chair in front of something mindless on tv and crochet till its done! Then I can express post it tomorrow :)

Although I will take photos - I won't post them until I know that she has received safely :)

I've received some stitchy related stash (ALWAYS FUN) but I will have to post about that tomorrow as my mission for tonight is CROCHET CROCHET CROCHET - LOL

Talk to you soon

hugs C x

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

1st WIP photo - Taken Jan 25 2009

Andre found the pics last night of the first progress photo... only because he wanted to me to drive him to the beach to look at a storm... so we had a deal :)

Sew Busy was started on New Years Eve - 2008
Picked up again on January 25 2009 - I didn't manage much more than a photograph...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

House-Mouse - Sew Cosy picture

I just googled an image of the completed House-Mouse - Sew Cosy so that you all can see what it is that I am working on... the bit I am stitching is the little guy with the green pants :) So cute - Now I am really off to stitch - see ya!!


I just ask Andre to email me the pics of my WIP that were on the camera and he uploaded to his laptop - seems they are not there??? SIGH!

So I will have a go at using the scanner tomorrow or buy some batteries for my camera.

Oh well off to stitch so hopefully I will achieve lots :)

Night all :)

stitching progress up till now...

This morning I decided that I was going to start a blog dedicated to my cross stitching and my other crafts will also make an appearence here too. Other crafts that I enjoy are crochet, sewing (a newbie) and knitting from time to time.

Last year I seemed to lose my stitching mojo... so dedicated ALOT of my craft efforts to crochet you can view some of my many crochet efforts at my other blog -

I also dabbled in a bit of machine sewing over the Christmas/New Year period as my husband Andre bought me a sewing machine as a part of my Christmas gifts - plus handed me the credit card to order loads of materials and patterns from I got great pleasure out of sewing 2 dresses for my little princess Xanthe whom is 18months this week and a pair of shorts each for my twin sons Liam and Eamonn (whom are 3 in April) - All 3 of the little ones really enjoyed the clothes that I made them :) Even if they are not exactly perfect :) The night that I made the shorts for the boys - I finished one pair and tried them on Liam to see if they fitted - He wouldn't take them off and then Eamonn refused to go to bed until I finished his!! I think it was because they had helicopters - but its still nice to know that they appreciated the effort. Xanthe although she is young loves her pretty dress and will often bring it to me and say prettys and chucks a tantrum if I don't change her... very cute :)

I am in the process of giving our house a top to bottom clean-up. Today I tackled our bedroom and I must admit that I am exhausted after my efforts and I am looking forward to rush hour being over and the kids going off to bed so that I can sit and stitch.

I am VERY pleased to report that after such a long break my stitching mojo has FINALLY returned. I had a very long phone conversation yesterday with a lovely lady whom I met online via a cross stitch birthday group on over the last few years we have became friends and its lovely to finally put a voice to the name and hopefully we will get the opportunity to meet up later in the year.

Anyway last night at 10:30pm I logged out of my laptop and picked up my stitching only intending to do a thread or 2 .... next thing I knew it was 12:30am and I honestly didn't want to stop!! I achieved so much :)

Lets hope I achieve more tonight as I plan to stich from approx 8:30pm.

Now - for those of you that are interested - I have an old webshots album that has some pictures of my first 2 finishes - Actually other than some round robins that are also in the album - These are my ONLY finishes :)

My UFO of theteddy bears house rules is still exactly at this stage :( This was originally started in approximately the year 2000? I know that I recieved it as a self bought mothers day present from my children that year... so it makes sense that I would have been started that year?

It moved with me when I left my first partner and sadly sat in a box until I was happily in a relationshep with Andre. These WIP progress shots are from my efforts prior to falling pregnant with the twins in 2005. Sadly they are once more neglected in a box and I would really like to finish them but somewhere between the last time I stitched on this when we lived in Brisbane, QLD Australia and 2 removals later over 2 states... I can't find the graph - HELP??

I also have UFO of the infamous "Sew Cosy" - Also not sure what its called but its a COW peeking through a kitchen window ( this is on printed aida and I found it incredibly hard to follow work out.

I do believe that is it as far as UFO's go... but I could be wrong.

Now my WIP that was started New Years Eve 2008 - is the DIMENSIONS KIT - House-Mouse designs - "Sew Busy" This was a gift to me from my children for mothers day 2008. I love the house-mouse characters - they are so cute. I figured that I would make a start on this otherwise they may not bestow stash on me in future gift giving occasions. Ha-Ha!!

I will try to get some photos of my WIP to post tomorrow.. I have some that were taken before lasts nights efforts :) Just need to get them from hubbys laptop.

Take Care - Keep smiling and please free to comment :)

Hugs Chars x