Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Helicopter curtains...

We live in a house that is supplied as a part of my husbands work package - rent free - So I feel I can't complain too loudly - BUT maintenance issues are an ongoing problem. Every room in our house has vertical drapes - 99% of them are broken and damaged and if they are not already damaged you only have to open them or try to close them - for another one to peel off - not good :(

My family bought me a sewing machine for Christmas so it was time to put it to good use :) This morning I woke up and made a decision that I was sick of waiting for someone to get around to fixing the vertical drapes in our I would make curtains. Only problem with that is I have never made curtains in my life but I am pretty proud of my efforts.

I picked the twins room to make my first set of curtains for a couple of reasons... I had this helicopter material in my stash. Originally I was going to make them some shorts but I doubted my ability to manage to get the pattern cut out with the helicopters all facing the right direction so curtains was a perfect choice. I couldn't stuff up :)

Even though they do not look it - they are both the same size - I fluked it :) I have had to hang them up using elastic as the vertical drape rails are still up... and even though I have ask hubby to ask - I doubt I will get anyone out here to fit curtain rods anytime soon.

BUT My 2 little men LOVE their helicopter curtains - As does hubby :) So I guess thats the main thing :)

Now the girls want some :) I looked through my stash and didn't seem to have anything suitable so... when it doubt - the answer is always found with a bit of retail therapy :)

I just went to ebay and purchased this material from ebay.

I was a bit worried that it was a little too young for Miss almost 15 but she loves it. PHEW! Problem solved :) So sometime in the near future you will see a photo of this cute fabric as curtains for my daughters :)

That leaves the lounge area... and our bedroom - decisions decisions. Tomorrow I might go have a look in our little craft shop and see what is there... otherwise I might phone and have a chat to the mail order ladies .... this is how I ended up with the helicopter stash in the first place :) I love shops that let you shop from home... it makes living in a remote area easier to deal with :)


CindyMae said...

The curtains look fantastic! Great job! I can not wait to see the girls done and hanging up, those are going to be so cute!!!

Shari said...

both fabrics look great!!!!! Congrats on finishing the boys curtains & will watch to see pictures of the girls curtains!!

Meari said...

Both fabrics for curtains are adorable! Congrats on your first attempt at making curtains. :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

The helicopter curtains look great, I love the fabric that you chose for your daughters. I have got the House Rules chart and your address in my car, when I get a chance I will drop into the post office to send it to you. Sorry it is taking so long.

Felicity said...

Hi Chars
Its Felicity from Joshy and Belle, a while ago you left a comment on my blog and said if I need any crochet help.... well I've messed up my ripple, if you've got a minute and wouldn't mind could you pop over to and tell me what you think! I cant believe I've made such a foolish mistake!
Thanks, Felicty xx

Felicity said...

Hi Chars,
only me again, thanks for 'popping over' with the crochet help, I think I'm back on track now!!!
Felicity xx