Thursday, March 26, 2009

Change of plans

Last night I was off to knit the rest of bananas... It didn't end up happening. I got the stalk completed and then hit a brick wall when I went to sew it up... my yarn needle has mysteriously disappeared? Goodness only knows where it is? Knowing my luck some little person is going to step on it...? I guess it will show up... but meantime I will buy another when I go to the supermarket later.

I thought to myself - oh well banana's can wait to be stitched up and I will knit his jacket tonight.... ummm no ... not going to happen! 4 attempts later and I decided to admit defeat. I am unsure what I was doing wrong but I made the same mistake 4 times? I decided that I will give it one more shot another night... and if I fail - hey banana's is NOT going to freeze to death living in our house in sunny Exmouth and can live without the jacket if needs be. Actually wearing the jacket he will probably die of heat exhaustion but thats another story - LOL.

So as I wasn't quite ready for bed - I decided after much pattern browsing on the internet to start this little guy....

What is it you might ask?? Its the body for a crochet mini Amigurami plane and the pattern can be found here...

This plane just needs wings, a tail and a windshield to make it complete and also a twin to make my twins 2 happy little boys :)

I am thinking I might make 3 in total so that hubby has his own to play with too? That way he won't be stealing the boys when the time comes to play... what do you reckon? Should I also make the littlest princess one too??


Lou's addictions said...

Thanks for the words of kindness you left on my blog. I really appreciate the support I have found through ILCS and my blog and really helps to know I am not alone.

I hope you feel better soon too, feel free to get in touch if you need someone to vent on.

Biz said...

Since the planes are so small...and relatively easy to might as well make a whole fleet of them, right?? lol They look great.

CindyMae said...

I do think that it is warm enough there and Mr. Bananas will do just fine without that jacket!! I also think that hubby needs a plane for sure!!! You know that if the little princess sees the twins playing she will want one as well, so you might as well go ahead and include her. I think you should make you one too!!!!