Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I am knitting

I class myself as a beginner knitter even though I have been knitting for over 30 years. The truth is that I think I have only ever finished 3-5 projects in my lifetime... simply because I get bored with the fact that they don't grow quickly enough for me and that sooner or later mid-project I either lose interest or some disaster strikes....

I have owned this book since approximately 1995... I orginally bought it when I was selling my craft work at local markets with my mum. I don't think I ever completed anything.... oops!!!

But... I decided to make the bananas in PJ's doll for the littlest princess :) As she saw me looking at the book - I was actually contemplating listing it on ebay... and she said NA-NAAA with the biggest grin... that I just have to make her one.

Here is a photo of where I am at with my project... this is actually TAKE 2 as the first completed side that I had Twin 1 decided that he would like to cut Banana's head off.... ugh! See what I mean about disasters??

Last night after taking the photo I managed to get the 2nd piece completed... so now I just have to knit the jacket, the brown top and sew it together... Off to work on him now... and I hope to be able to capture a big grin when I give it to the littles princess...


CindyMae said...

I am sure that you will get a HUGE smile from a little princess indeed!!! Those are so cute! Knitting is something that I always thought I would like to learn but I just can not take time away from blogging and stitching! LOL

Joanne said...

The littlest Princess is sure to love the banana when it is finished. I remember my 14yo receiving one when he was a baby, so many years ago. I was sorry to read that you suffer with depression, I too am a sufferer. I can be so difficult when you feel that there is no way out of how you feel, you are not alone my friend, just keep up the positive thoughts.
I should have sent you an e-mail earlier, but I managed to get the House Rules chart into the mail last Thursday, so you should have it any day. I am not looking for anything in return, I am just glad that I could pass it on to someone who will make good use of it. Take care Charlene (((HUGS)))