Monday, April 6, 2009

Home and bits....

I am home after having my hysteroscopy done....I am a bit sore... but thats to be expected. They found a few things that they have sent off to biopsy... I will find out the results from this on April 21st... so its a long wait. SIGH!

Meantime... life goes on :)

My 2 little men turned 3 on Saturday... here is a photo of the 3 of us taken just after birth

and another Saturday 3 years later... Busy enjoying birthday cake and checking out the streamers on the fan... (thanks Daddy for shooting the party popper up there - LOL)

I still look at the photos of them as newborns and think - wow! How on earth did I cope??? My husband and I also still look at each other from time to time and go wow - we have twins. Odd but true :) LOL
On a craft front... I am working on a gift for my FIL's GF - its a crochet bag in Geelong cats football colours.
Tonight is my night to work on my UFO of the Teddy Bear house rules. I belong to a yahoogroup called xsersufo They are holding a monthly competition (with prizes) thanks to Janine. My goal is to stitch for at least 2 hours every week...
My chair is calling... so photos on my craft updates tomorrow...


CindyMae said...

Chars they are so adorable!!! I hope they had a fantastic birthday!!! I love to see pics of when kids were born and what they look like today!

xXcatalopeXx said...

Check this out.

Oh and I have to say this Chars, you have beautiful babies!

Leonie said...

Doesn't 3 years go fast? I can only imagine what having twins can be like-I look at my kids and am boggled at the years and how I/we coped and they were 2.5 years apart........ Looks like they had a lovely day. And the photo after they were born was especially lovely-most of my photos after the kids were born are hidden away-too much realism can be a bad thing.

Aurora said...

They really grow up so fast.....but great shots, they are adorable still.

Felicity said...

Hi Chars I really hope the results come back ok. Joshy is starting school in September it makes me want to cry!!!

I love your new born photo! Felicity xx

Felicity said...

my verification word just then was spityme!! spity me!! he he!!!

Yoyo said...

Hope you biopsy comes back and all is well. the babies are just too darling. My midde grandson is 7 yesterday and I'm like "Nooooooo way, can't be".

Vicky said...

Great boys Chars, and hope you are feeling better soon.

Janey said...

Regarding your hysterectomy: there is an international (global in fact) information and support site for women who are thinking about a hysterectomy, have had one or who have questions about one. Of the thousands of women who benefit from it, there are bound to be some which have gone through what you are going through.
The site is:
(You need to register but it is free.)

I cannot recommend it highly enough - especially the forums, which have discussions about everything.

All the best,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca
(replace caps with symbols and lose the spaces)

Felicity said...

Hi Chars
Thanks for your nice comment, I was feeling a bit low so it was nice to log on and find some friendly comments! xx

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hello Chars
Many thanks for your warm wishes on my blog. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you sweetie, hope you get the all clear on the 21st. My Sister has been going through a similar thing, we are expecting the results tomorrow. My youngest are twins, boy and girl 21 now. I'm so glad you called by on my blog. I'm really glad to meet you.