Monday, April 27, 2009

Seaside Treasures - a NEW start :)

Unable to face frogging my teddy bears - I decided a new start was in order... I bought this kit over the Christmas New Year period via ebay... It just appealed to me as we live in an area with lots of beaches and I am always collecting shells...
I gave my husband Andre a choice of which kit (out of a selection from my stash) that he would like to see completed and he chose this one... He wants to see it on the lounge room wall since we have kinda started decorating that area in an under the sea theme. We have 3 beach prints on the wall - a fish candlebra and a dolphin throw adorning the lounge
This xstitch kit is from Dimensions, Inc. and is designed by James Himsworth. The finished size is 10" x 16" (25 x 41 cm) and the fabric size is 14" x 20" (36 x 51 cm). It is a very lovely design of several colorful sea shells, sand dollars, feather, starfish and seaweed and beach grass on the sandy dunes of the seaside beach. In the distance is a red and white lighthouse on the rocky bluffs of the ocean, and several sailboats sailing in the water while seagulls soar above. A perfect design for any lovers of the beach, seashells, the ocean and lighthouses!!!
So last night I started blocking the aida into 10x10 squares... is there an easy way to do this?


Felicity said...

I like the new kit, sometimes you need to start something new, we live by the sea too i quite fancy doing some sea side stitching now!!

stitchinfiend said...

Your new start is really pretty. I love beachy things too as I am also near the beach in fact 1 street away.

sumea said...

Good choice Andre ;o)
It's lovley, you are so lucky with all those beaches, I love collecting shells too.
Thanks for your comment on my blog :o) I am thinking of making something like a cushion cover or a bag to staryt with, what I would really love to make eventualy though is a big throw.
Hope you have a lovely week

CindyMae said...

I love it!! I look forward to watching your progress on this piece!! Looks like your hubby picked a great piece for your next project!

Yoyo said...

I forgot about that froggy sitting on your teddy. I like to let a big frogging project sit for awhile too before digging in with my spade.. Love this seaside project, I from the coastal areas too so seashells are big in my decor too. What do you mean by "blocking" 10 x 10 squares? To block the fabric means to make it straight and square. To grid means to mark it with 10 x 10 (or other number) of squares to be stitched. Did you mean "grid"?

Aussie Stitcher said...

That is a gorgeous design, hope you sent those frogs packing and that they stay away.