Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi all... I am a day late with my update for the Totally useless stitch a long... but none the less - here is my update. This month has passed by in a blur and I have not done alot of stitching as I have been too busy doing other things... but in the jar there are all the colours I have been working on in the teddy bears house rules... and a broken needle.
If you want to join the TUSAL please go here.
I discovered yesterday that I have made a major mistake on my teddies... so when I get *GAME* enough to go find it from where I threw it in the back of my built in wardrobe... I will frog all the stitches that are wrong which is a complete bottom section. Its all out by 3 stitches and it just goes to show that a simple counting error can put it all out.
I have kinda lost heart with the project now... so it can stay wherever it landed till the next time I am cleaning out the wardrobe - ?


Yoyo said...

Lots of pretty colors in your Totally Useless SAL container this month. One day is not really late, I figure any time in the right week is good, lots of people don't post every day and there is no reason to mess up their routine, so just any day close is good. I wanted to pop by quickly to answer your question about what can go in the jars. Any and all STITCHING crafts, cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet -- things like that. We only ask that you not put bits from other crafts, like paper crafts, scrapbooking, stamping, wood burning what ever. This just sort of keeps the playing field even for those who don't do other crafts.

I read your post about the Continental knitting technique...sounds like you decided pretty much the same as me. I can practically throw blindfolded, but I know lots of gals who do Continental and swear it is "much easier" -- but I think it's only much easier if you originally learned it that way. I tried it and because it wasn't 'normal' for me it was pretty slow, so like you, I went back to throwing and am just as happy with it.

Suzie said...

Your jar is looking great! But I'm sorry to hear about your stitching problem. I don't blame you for hiding it. I've been having some stitching problems myself, but when you think about it, we should expect the froggies to be out and about. .it is Spring, after all!

Small consolation, I know. Best to let that project just sit for awhile. I have a theory that the threads losen when they are resting and relaxed for an extended time, making frogging much easier! lol

CindyMae said...

Your TUSAL is looking fabulous! I am sorry that the frog is going to visit you but I am sure that you will work you magic and it will all turn out a ok!!!!

Liz said...

I'm not sure what a TUSAL is or what frog is going to visit but if the mistake isn't that noticeable can you not just leave it? I never unpick mine. Any way it's not wrong, it's unique. leave it as it is and I bet no-one will notice!!