Friday, May 15, 2009

12 days!!

Its been 12 whole days since I posted!!! What on earth have I been up to?

Short answer? No idea!!!

Hubby went to hospital with severe back pain that was radiating through to his chest...this was quite a worry as they tested him for everything you can think of inclusive of a heart attack (which was very scarey) and they have came to the conclusion that he PROBABLY? Has a stomach ulcer? We won't know for sure untill he has an endoscopy done - So its a case of wait and see. The medication they placed him on has already started to work :) YAY!

I've been feeling really depressed...not sure what is causing the low feeling... as I tend to have low mood in the mornings and am over it by 3pmish ?

When I feel this way - I tend to feel dissatisfied and bored with life...

Today I decided that I was going to break the cycle and decided to tackle one of the things that was bugging me. Our lounge room (living area) is quite small... and with 7 people living in the house it always looked small, cluttered and a downright mess. If people popped over for a visit hubby and I would both feel embarrassed about the state of the living area - and the words "Sorry about the mess" would pop out of mine or hubbys mouths even if we had just finished spending 3 hours cleaning it up before their arrival. As no matter how hard I tried... the room just looked messy.

So - Today I decided that I would rearrange the furniture a bit to give the illusion of space - and I seem to have managed :) The minute I moved my desk out, pushed the big couch back to where my desk used to be and moved the bookshelf from one wall to the other - the area opened right out... and now I there is a HUGE area of open space on the floor. Need to purchase a couple of things to make it more homely (a big floor rug for the tiles and a lamp/or coffee table) - but for now its ok...I'm happy with it and so is hubby :)

I removed the table which I was using as a penpal desk/craft desk and placed it into the dining area. Which means that I have also shuffled some of the furniture around in there. Funnily enough my "desk area" has landed back into the place I originally placed it when we moved here 12 months ago!!

Sorry no photos at this stage as my camera seems to have grown legs and walked and hubbys camera isn't working :(

Take Care everyone and I will chat to you again soon.


Bronny said...

Hope Hubby is feeling better really soon - and YOU take care too.
Moving furniture is often a good start and what about a new bright cushion? Hugs and plenty of chocolate also work wonders!!!

Esther said...

hope hubby is feeling better now - and great to have a rearrange every now and again! xx I haven't forgotten your letter or the pattern BTW, just haven't gotten round to getting it copied or the letter written - oops! xx

CindyMae said...

Char, I am so glad that it was not hubbies heart! An ulcer is no fun, but can be managed! It is great that the meds are already working too! I am sorry that you have been feeling down lately! I hope that re-arranging your living area helps! If you need someone to chat with, you know that I am here!!!

Liz said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit down and that hubby hasn't been too well. You know what? When I get fed up I re-arrange the furniture too. It makes me feel so much better getting rid of stuff that's been cluttering up the place. I did the same last weekend. Moved the unit out of the living room into the hall and moved a bookcase and it now looks massive. This is all done, preferably, to loud music :) Kaiser Chief or Bryan Adams!!
Hope you feel better soon :)

Felicity said...

Hi Chars,
poor you, I hope your husband is feeling better, and also I hope that you are too. Its horrible when you're feeling down, our little house is so small I often feel down when i visit friends who all seem to have great big three storey houses and our little cottage is two up two down with a lean to bthroom downstairs! I always think its the people inside that count, there's 7 of you, only three of us, I would love to have another baby but nothing is happening, it took us 4 yrs and lots of hospital tests to get Josh so it dosent look hopeful, and hey you can get the wiggles on nappies - life cant be bad!!! Take care, xxx