Monday, May 18, 2009

Hubby's first catch in Exmouth :)

As a child I grew up in Camden Haven NSW and spent alot of time fishing with my dad... over the years I have caught numerous fish of several different species - I even hold the family record weight wise for some species :)

When I met my husband I ask him the question - Do you like to fish? His reply - I do!! But I have never ever caught very much.

Up until last May we have never lived in an area that was suitable to fishing...oh we could have gone on fishing trips but it would have meant days of planning and hours of driving to get near water.

We have lived in Exmouth a bit over 12 months now... We have LOTS of lovely beaches and its very fishable :) We even keep the rods in the car with a couple of lures - just in case we get the urge when we are near the water. But we have not caught anything much using the lures.

I caught one undersized fish last year... and that was it!

Over the Easter break we went fishing - once again using lures... nothing! We were with our neighbours. One was using lures - the other bait and a handline. She caught a fish using the handline - I dug through our fishing gear and promptly caught 3 fish using the handline. So we figured that the fish of Exmouth must like BAIT rather than LURES...

So - yesterday - our lovely neighbours ask us to go fishing with them... we said yes... we went to a beach called Bundegi. We spend alot of time at Bundegi swimming in summer as the water is just beautiful!

Hubby caught a Golden Tevally on his 4th or 5th cast out using squid as bait :) This fish is his first catch since living in Exmouth and ipso facto since we have been together :) I think his grin says it all? Yep this is the one that didn't get away and he ate it for dinner last night!


Liz said...

Well done to hubby. 2009 is obviously a good year for catching your first fish.

skippinginthemeadow said...

Lovely photos :o)