Sunday, May 3, 2009

Off to a great start and progress pics....

Here is my first progress pic for Seaside treasures :) I think I have made a great start on this piece... this is approximately 5-6 hours of stitching. Which was Monday night (when I should have been working on my Teddies) and yesterday during a very disappointing football match... but we won't go there - haha - Least I got lots of stitching done :) My needle seems to be flying on this project and I am itching to stitch on it some more :)

This is also the first time I have EVER started in the top left hand side of a project?

Here is my first progress shot of this months KAL (Knit-a-long) via Monthly Dishcloths. You can find them here. Twice a month the moderator will email out KAL instructions at a rate of 10 rows per day... its a very easy way to practice knitting techniques... as 10 rows can be done in minimal time - I completed this last night whilst browsing reading blogs and at the end of it you get a lovely cloth.

I am granting a wish for some girlie 8" Squares... here are my progress pics :) They are not quite finished and will probably need another 2 possibly 3 rows of DC but as I always forget to take pictures of the squares that I make I figured that I would take this pic whilst i have the camera out :) I am thinking that this pattern and colours might make a lovely afghan for the girls... Maybe a future project???

Here is a crochet dishcloth that I made for a swap online... I belong to several crochet related groups and I think I signed up for about 4 dishcloth swaps... so I can post the pics as no one will know which one they are getting until the time comes that they get their puffy :)

Here is another crochet dishcloth that I made :) Did I mention that I love handmade discloths :)
Both of these patterns are from the Leisure Arts booklet - The big book of dishcloths - 99 dishcloths to crochet :)

Here is the progress picture of my teddies - inclusive of the mistake. I am thinking on this one... do I want to frog it or fudge it ??
The mistake is that the wording is 4 or was it 5 stitches too far left... which in turn means that the hearts are too far left... and therefore on the left where I am trying to add the teddy - I am about 2 stitches too short... to squeeze the teddy in.
I am thinking if I do try to fudge it... I will unpull the glass of water and the bottom caramel part of the teddy... and work from the baby teddy in the picture down... the baby teddy is in the correct spot... This would make the teddy in the correct spot... and I could either leave the glass of water out - or try to fit in in someplace??
Anyway - its packed away and I won't decide for a bit - no point making a hasty decision after all its been a ufo since 2000! LOL

Finally - here is the progress I have made on The littlest princess's cardigan... no rush on this one as its yet to get cold here even though its technically late autumn (Fall)...She won't probably need it until we head on holidays (hopefully in August)

Funnily enough looking at these picures I achieved more this week than I thought I did!
June 1st I am starting back at University - I am going to be attempting a Bachelor of Education - Primary. My first subject is Literacy Education - Fingers crossed that I do well... as I am not getting any younger and really would like to return to the workforce in a couple of years time when the littlest princess starts school....
Studying is going to cut into my craft time - sigh - I plan to enjoy the next couple of weeks before I start and get as much done as possible :)
Have a great day/night in your part of the world :)


Liz said...

I honestly don't know where you get the time to do everything. I work full full time and have one son and I seem to get very little done except housework!!!! Everything looks great and I know what you mean about itching to stitch. I get like that on a new project too. I'm going to set aside an hour or two at the weekend to get on with my sampler which has been on going since 1993!! It might be finished by 2013!!
Is a dishcloth a doily you stand something on? As a dishcloth here is something to wash the dishes with and I wouldn't use either of yours for that, they're too pretty.

CindyMae said...

Everything looks amazing!!! You do such awesome work on whatever you are working on! I am trying to learn to knit, it is not going well . . . lol, but I am trying!! Beautiful start on Seaside Treasure!!!

Felicity said...

Hi Chars
you've got loads of projects on the go, your so clever I love your knitting, i keep trying but failing, you keep inspiring me to finish off my cross stitch for Joshy!! he'll be 18 when im finally finished and have no use for an andy pandy cross stitch!! he he!! xx

skippinginthemeadow said...

Hi sweetie
Your projects are looking good, the dishcloths are great!
Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog. I am planning to make a tutorial for big or small bags, will have to think about the straps for a shoulder bag, will be fun working that out.
Hope you have a lovely week

CreativeHands said...

Oh what pretty handicrafts you have made! :)
About being penpals... I thought you quit penpalling long ago... you posted something about quitting penpalling and swapping FBs in your old blog. If you still would like to be pals with me, I'd like that very much! :)