Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 7 already?

HI everyone... Sorry I have been once again missing in action.

I have no idea where time is disappearing too... all I know is that I am feeling rather BLUE at the moment - kinda the same shade as cookie monster or grover! Except I don't have their happy persona's.

Lets see whats been occupying my time...? Illness and pain :(

I have spent the last week flat on my back doing NOTHING much at all... how depressing? Last weekend we took the kidlets to the park and I somehow managed to damage L5S1 of my back... which left me hardly being able to walk....let alone look after my family. Hubby had to take carer's leave to look after us all.

The week before I had a really bad dose of the flu... I was so sick and I spent most of that week sleeping. Everyone kept making *OINK* jokes and asking me if I had came out in any *RASHERS* which although funny - isn't really - Since I couldn't possibly have had swine flu...So I have not been having a good run - no wonder I am feeling BLUE?

My next post will be a more cheerful one - I am planning on hosting a little giveaway since I have hit a magic number of followers - 25. So stay tuned :)