Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots of photos to share... Part 2

The following photos are from a trip to the park - I think this was the day that I hurt my back!

This is a photo of TWIN 1 - Liam enjoying the slide :)

This is a photo to TWIN 2 - Eamonn enjoying the slide

Here is a photo of a very determined Xanthe climbing the ladder.....

Yay we reached the top....
WEEEEEE!! down the slide we go!

Once she done it once - she was up and down too many times to count. I panic every time she attempts that ladder though as its designed more for older children. There are some days (often lately) that I forget that my little princess is not even 2 yet!!

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Carolyn NC said...

It's always hard to let them attempt new things, isn't it? I remember forcing myself to stay still when my DD was little and coming down the deck stairs. Your children look alike for sure - very cute!