Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lots of photos to share...part 1

I was looking through some photos that hubby has stored on his laptop and decided that I would share some with you :)

This first picture is of our cat Mischief... I miss him so much - as if I was lonely, sick or feeling low he would come snuggle in bed with me at night. He went missing approximately 3 weeks ago and we suspect that the man that lives over the back fence has kidnapped him and disposed of him - whether he murdered him or dumped him... We have no proof and will never know.

It just seems really funny that Mischief suddenly disappears a few days after the man over the back fence lodged a complaint to the shire ranger about Mischief jumping the back fence and scratching some of his seedlings out. Legally he was supposed to trap the cat and give it to the ranger who would have then issued us a fine and upon payment we would have got our cat back.

We love you mischief and hope that if you were dumped you find your way back home ASAP!

This a photo taken of our backyard during summer 2008-2009 (I can tell by the toys that it was taken after Christmas) It shows our new outdoor setting and the pindan sandpit where the kids play in the red soil!

This is the front of our house taken when we were on BLUE ALERT in preparation for Cyclone DOMINIC in January. Cyclone Dominic crossed the coastline at ONSLOW which is approx 100KM North of here.

This is a photo of one of Exmouth's many Emus. Its not uncommon for them to be strolling down the middle of the road! This one was at our front gate scavenging through our bin - yep lovely! You can see another emu in the background heading our way... and you can also see the lovely view from the front of our house :) of the range!

Here is a photo of Jacinda hand-feeding the same emu some bread. This was a big mistake as after that they kept hanging around... picking stuff out of our bins... making a big mess and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It also makes getting in and out of the cars a bit tricky as they can be quite agressive!

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