Thursday, July 9, 2009

my little business venture!

For a while now I have felt a certain dissatisfaction with my life and have wondered what direction my life is taking??

Do I get a job?

Do I finish my University Studies?

Do I just be contented as a stay at home mummy?

No matter how much I tried - I couldn't come up with an answer that didn't stress and depress me.

Today - I decided that I wanted to open an online store to sell my craft work. It will not only make me a little bit of pocket money - but it will give me direction and something to work towards. So without further ado - here is the link to my little store :)

Madeit is a site similar to etsy - but exclusively for Australians to list items. Both international and Aussies can purchase items and all prices are in Australian dollars.

At the moment I just have 2 listings of dishcloths that I made tonight - but I will be listing more things as I get the chance to make them.

Custom orders are always welcome :)

Off to make something else to list - please leave me a comment with what you think?


Lou's addictions said...

Congrats on the shop, I really hope it takes off for you. You should try one of the American sites too though as you would probably find that there is a huge market there for hand made goodies.

Good luck xx

Felicity said...

thanks for your lovely comment Chars, its nice to ba able to help just by leaving a few words here and there.

good luck with the shop, i'll pop and have a look!!
felicity xx

Carolyn NC said...

Congrats - good luck! :)

CindyMae said...

Congrats my dear friend! I hope that you do really well with your new store! I will make sure and mention it in my blog as well!!!