Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hello everyone...

Thankyou to everyone that sent me a message - whether it be privately or in the comments... I appreciate them so much.

You will all be pleased to read that I am feeling much happier and I think that my self-imposed break away from blogging and some aspects of the net has helped immensely despite whats been happening in my world!... I also made a decision that I was not ready to resume my studies at University. After I made that decision I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!!

My back is FINALLY better though every now and then whilst doing some household chores it will start aching but I just stop what I am doing and rest and then continue... I guess I have learnt to live with it.?

I would have been back MUCH sooner... but we have had lots going on here...

The 3 major things are:

My laptop died on me - LIKE EKK!!! Its not even 12 months old (and a replacement on my original purchase) Luckily for me hubby is loaning me his whilst mine is at the shop getting fixed. I am never ever going to buy a dell computer ever again as we have had nothing but trouble with both of our laptops since buying them... I am so grateful that we expended and bought the complete care warranties.

One of these years I am going to start remembering to back up all my files??

I also can't find my camera - this is stressing me immensely as I had a heap of photos on there ready to share with you all when I was ready to return to blogging. I know that one of the 3 toddlers has had it - I suspect Liam as he has a fascination with the cameras - and we have many many LIAM shots to prove it inclusive of self portraits and pictures of his siblings in crime :) Now I just need to find his hidey hole... and of course if I ask him I get this blank look and a wry grin... sigh! I guess it will show up?

The most important reason why I have not been back to talk to you all sooner - or even visit with you and read your blogs is that my husband Andre has been extremely sick...

Last Saturday (June 27th) he was air-lifted to Perth from our little town Exmouth Western Australia. They sent him down to the Sir Charles Gardiner hospital in Perth and I am extremely grateful for the staff that looked after him so well. It was extremely nerve wracking for me to be stuck here in Exmouth and have no knowledge of what was going on... The nurses were lovely, caring and informative when I called and spoke to them but it still wasn't the same as being there to hold his hand!! He returned home on Thursday much to my relief... hes still not 100% - Hes tired, washed out and his colour is still not right - but hes alive and hes home.

We have to follow up the cause of what made him sick and find out test results and future treatments etc when we visit Perth for holidays in August.

Speaking of our holiday in Perth :) We have booked our holiday house and its all systems go :) We will be staying here and I am really looking forward to it. I am not looking forward to the 17 hour drive each way with the kids - but am trying not to think about that :)

Anyway I am off to bed - its only early 9:39pm but all of my sleepless nights last week are catching up with me. Take Care and I promise to talk to you soon... Stay tuned a giveaway will be soon :)


Kate said...

So sorry to hear that your husband was so sick. I am glad he is back home and on the mend. With youngsters running around it is no wonder that you are drained. Get some rest before you are sick as well. Take care and Blessings upon you and your family.

Liz said...

Sorry to hear that hubby has been sick. I hope he's on the mend soon. I'm also pleased to hear that you're feeling better and that your back in holding out. I'm still away at the moment but I promise to catch up with all your goings on once I'm back home at the end of this week. Take care :)