Saturday, July 25, 2009


Firstly I want to say a huge thankyou for all of the comments/emails that I have received in regards to my dad... I am trying to stay strong and positive that everything is going to be OK... and I will talk to you about whats going on if and when I know myself! Hopefully it will be good news of sorts!

Anyway onto some fun stuff and progress pictures :)

Here is my TUSAL pictures :) Sorry I have not updated for a few months - I either forget or am sans camera at the right time of month. This month I am a few days late but hey better late than never - right??

This photo is peeking into the top of the jar - you can see some wrappers from the yarn I have been using on various projects, Hubbies Blanket, Dishcloths etc.. and some threads from seaside treasures....

here is a side view
and another side view :) Certainly looks interesting ???
Here is my stitching update 6 on seaside treasures - its certainly coming along nicely and I can see some real progress in this photo. I will be happy to have this little section complete so I can move to a different section... Which I think will be the water and the boats or the shell below - not sure yet :)

Remember I mentioned that I had started a new knitting project? This is a jumper for the littlest princess :) These photos are my progress on the back.. the first 2 photos were from the night I started it and the last photo is my night 2 progress... its growing really quickly as the red yarn you can see is the armhole markers. The secret to it growing so quickly is that its knitted on big needles and uses 12ply doubled :) The pattern is from QUICK KNITS FOR KIDS - its a patons publication that I purchased ? Approximately year 2000? As I knitted this very jumper for Miss 9 when she was a toddler!

Here I am hiding behind my knitting :) Very proud of the progress of night one's efforts :)

Here is where it stands after 2 nights of knitting ....
Hmmm - I am so torn - I want to knit - I want to stitch... So each night I flip a coin to see what I will be doing :) Do you have this dilemma? or do you only work on one project at a time?

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CindyMae said...

Great TUSAL progress! Your stitching is looking fantastic and the jumper for little princess is looking gorgeous and love the color!