Monday, August 10, 2009

relaxing afternoon of stitching....

Yesterday afternoon whilst the kids were playing quietly I had a relaxing afternoon stitching...

I managed to finally finish off the section I was working on and move to the next section - decided to move across to the water - it seemed like a natural progression....

Here is a close up of the detail of the houses / Lighthouse

The Cross stitch as a whole so far....

And some more progress inclusive of the water / sand.

I need another update :) As after taking this photo I have almost filled in all of the water... Guess I will have to snaffle hubbies camera again soon and share... or I will wait till I have this section is complete. Whatever happens first I guess?
I have really found my MOJO again for this piece... I admit it got lost for a few nights where I was really forcing myself to add a few stitches to that cliff-face...
This is the first time I have ever added the back-stitching as I progress and am liking the effort/effect - as it means when I finish stitching on a section - it is REALLY finished if you know what I mean??

Happy 2nd Birthday Xanthe - August 9th

Sadly my little princess is no longer a baby! She turned 2 yesterday August 9th. We are often amazed at how grown up she is.... Her speech is very clear and that of a 3-4 year old and she is definately on par with her twin brothers. I often get asked if I have triplets!!

Cuddles with her new baby :)

Discovering that baby cries, laughs and talks - precious giggles.

Look mummy - princess shoes :) Amazingly she can walk around the house in her high heels (I would have killed myself or broken my ankle by now!)
We love you little princess - please take your sweet time growing up? please?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shameless plug - ebay!

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If anyone is interested in having a look you can find the stuff I have listed here!

I will post worldwide and do postage discounts for more than one item.

Thanks for looking

Hugs xx