Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some crafty photos :)

Firstly thankyou to everyone that took the time to send me an email or leave a comment on my last post.

I've decided for now I must be meant to stay at home with the toddlers - so will enjoy the luxury whilst it lasts and continue to pursue employment outside of the home for the hours that I can work... the toddlers will be off to school soon enough and I will be able to seek work during normal hours. I doubt that babysitting would be an option for me as my 3 toddlers wear me out and wear me down - ya know??

We need to $$ that my income would generate but at the moment we have a roof over our heads and food on the table and thats the most important thing!

I've decided to dedicate a part of my day (EVERYDAY) to entering competitions and treat it like a job. Competitions have always been a hobby of mine. In the past I have won lots of little things over the years, cash, cds, dvd's, game consoles, store vouchers, dvd players, hampers etc. Entering takes time and effort and its a game of chance... but if you enter enough you will win :) The old saying that you have to be in it to win it certainly applies... and for those people that whinge about never winning anything - realistically how often do you enter?

In the past month I've won $2520 in cash and store cards, a movie ticket and a box of huggies nappy pants... so realistically probably earnt more than a part-time job anyway?

Craft-wise I will continue to work on whatever takes my fancy and if I make something that has no real purpose or no-one to gift it to then I will place it into an online shop for sale... I decided after listening to your thoughts on the subject that I agreed - my craft should never be considered work as thats when the enjoyment disappears. (which is what happened years ago with my crochet)

Anyway enough of my ramblings for today and on to the promised photos....

We know SEVERAL people that are either pregnant or have just had their babies so I decided that I would make some baby cloths as gifts. I bought the pattern from here. Since the exchange rate is so good at the moment I also bought both sets of Christmas cloths and the wedding set. I just LOVE the ideal behind these cloths!!! Hoping to make some as gifts for Christmas and my brother is getting married in January - need to get those needles clacking??

Here is my first cloth - I'm on row 34 of the baby footprints :) Working out very cute :) and the pattern is written extremely well and is so easy to follow. Hopefully a finish off photo to follow really soon....

I have not done any cross stitch since living in Melbourne - but here is where I am at with "friendship" by the sweetheart tree. Sorry for the poor quality photo - the light just would not co-operate this morning.

It reads

Is th...
binds two hearts

I'm still loving stitching on the evenweave - but the over 1 nature of this stitching is killing my eyes!!!

And lastly - here is seaside treasures... sadly another I have not placed a stitch into in forever.... but I do think this photo has progressed since the last one I posted?

Anyway - my happy lil washing machine has sung to me that the load has finished so I had best go hang it out - have a great day wherever you are in this world.


Felicity said...

Hi Chars, i think we must be the same i battle all the time with myself wishing i had a job as our little cottage is so small it drives me mad, but finding a job to fit in with being a mum and in this climate is proving so hard, my husband likes me at home and spending time with joshy is great, its just hard sometimes on one wage! have a nice weekend, im always here if you need to chat! fliss xx

Aussie Stitcher said...

The baby cloth is looking great, so are the stitched pieces. Yes, over 1 can be a bit hard on the eyes, but the results a great. Love the photos of your trip to Ballarat and of where you live.