Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Teddy Bear House Rules - Progress

As previously mentioned - I have a UFO called the TEDDY BEARS HOUSE RULES - but after moving around the country-side I still had the kit minus the chart... so A kind-hearted fellow blogger Joanne sent me the Teddy Bear House Rules pattern from her stash that I was looking for... so I have been able to work on my UFO :)

Here are some progress pics ...
this first one is the ufo as it stood prior to me working on it ... forgive the wrinkles... it had just taken a bath as it had accumulated 5 years worth of grot :(

This photo shows what I achieved in a few nights stitching... its nice to be working on this again.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This afternoon I sat down and sewed bananas together after finally remebering to buy a darning needle when I went to the shops.

Here is the photos of the completed doll (minus said Jacket)

This one is of my dirty littlest princess (I dragged her inside from playing trucks with her brothers in the pindan pit (Western Australia red soil is called pindan) and her expression when she received it :) PRICELESS... and I am gathering that she loves it since its now being dragged round the house with her... being eaten and every 5 seconds you hear NA-NAAAAAAAAAAA! NA-NAAAAAAAAAAA!!

Her continual natters of na-naa pleasure have made me all warm and fuzzy... don't ya just love kids?

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've decided to join in the totally useless sal that is found at

Can someone tell me how to place links under words?

Anyway - I saw it on another blog - decided to click the link and see what its about and join in the fun.

The above are my beginner photos of my jar and the bits from last nights stitching... lately I have been too busy doing other crafts to have much to put in the jar... I think this is a great idea as normally me being the messy person that I am tend to leave them in neat piles on the couch arm... but then I forget to take them to the bin and they end up on the floor...down the side of the couch... SO this for me is a great idea...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Change of plans

Last night I was off to knit the rest of bananas... It didn't end up happening. I got the stalk completed and then hit a brick wall when I went to sew it up... my yarn needle has mysteriously disappeared? Goodness only knows where it is? Knowing my luck some little person is going to step on it...? I guess it will show up... but meantime I will buy another when I go to the supermarket later.

I thought to myself - oh well banana's can wait to be stitched up and I will knit his jacket tonight.... ummm no ... not going to happen! 4 attempts later and I decided to admit defeat. I am unsure what I was doing wrong but I made the same mistake 4 times? I decided that I will give it one more shot another night... and if I fail - hey banana's is NOT going to freeze to death living in our house in sunny Exmouth and can live without the jacket if needs be. Actually wearing the jacket he will probably die of heat exhaustion but thats another story - LOL.

So as I wasn't quite ready for bed - I decided after much pattern browsing on the internet to start this little guy....

What is it you might ask?? Its the body for a crochet mini Amigurami plane and the pattern can be found here...

This plane just needs wings, a tail and a windshield to make it complete and also a twin to make my twins 2 happy little boys :)

I am thinking I might make 3 in total so that hubby has his own to play with too? That way he won't be stealing the boys when the time comes to play... what do you reckon? Should I also make the littlest princess one too??


I collect snowdomes and thought I would share a picture of the latest 3 that I just purchased via AVON.

Sorry for the quality of the image but photographing the snowdomes is really hard due to the water and reflection issues.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What I am knitting

I class myself as a beginner knitter even though I have been knitting for over 30 years. The truth is that I think I have only ever finished 3-5 projects in my lifetime... simply because I get bored with the fact that they don't grow quickly enough for me and that sooner or later mid-project I either lose interest or some disaster strikes....

I have owned this book since approximately 1995... I orginally bought it when I was selling my craft work at local markets with my mum. I don't think I ever completed anything.... oops!!!

But... I decided to make the bananas in PJ's doll for the littlest princess :) As she saw me looking at the book - I was actually contemplating listing it on ebay... and she said NA-NAAA with the biggest grin... that I just have to make her one.

Here is a photo of where I am at with my project... this is actually TAKE 2 as the first completed side that I had Twin 1 decided that he would like to cut Banana's head off.... ugh! See what I mean about disasters??

Last night after taking the photo I managed to get the 2nd piece completed... so now I just have to knit the jacket, the brown top and sew it together... Off to work on him now... and I hope to be able to capture a big grin when I give it to the littles princess...

I've been RAK'd

Yesterday I received a surprise parcel in the mail... I don't know whom it is from but I do suspect that it came from some kind-hearted person on a yahoogroup that I belong to
I had mentioned on the list that I was interested in learning how to quilt... and ask if anyone could point me in the direction of some webpages etc..
So a HUGE thankyou to the lovely lady that sent me this starter pack and I can't wait give it a go... but will probably leave it until after I get back from having my operation...which is scheduled for April 2nd in Carnarvan.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hello - My name is Charlene and I am a blog-a-holic!

I have not posted much lately as I have been too busy reading other blogs, clicking links from blogs and becoming absorbed in the lives of other bloggers.

I have decided that I am going to turn this blog into more a day to day blog in which I will incorporate my crafty activities (if any happen) and also share with you my family and the beautiful area in which I am currently living... Exmouth Western Australia... and any subsequent places that we may visit or move to.

If you are reading this blog - you are probably not aware that I suffer from depression. I have suffered from depression off and on most of my adult life - but since May 2007 when we moved to Exmouth I have felt myself slip into a state of helplessness and self pity.

I don't want your sympathy - that is not what this post is about - rather I am seeking your support as for however long it takes I am going to take each day as it comes - accept any negative feelings that I may or may not have and try to focus on any positive events that I can - grasp these positive things with both hands and move forward.

Exmouth is an extremely iscolated community - If you go have a look at a map of Australia you will see a little finger jutting out of the side of Western Australia - Exmouth is located almost on the tip of that...

It is hard for people to comprehend unless they have been here but we are hundreds of kilometres from the nearest towns... Carnarvan is a 3.5-4 hour drive south and Karratha is a 5 hour drive North. Exmouth has basic services and facilities.... but no major supermarkets, no department stores, no fast food chains - you get the drift. It has taught us a valuable lesson on what we once took for granted.

Alot of people that live in Exmouth suffer iscolation sickness...

I have not made friends in the time that we have lived here... its a very small town with a population of around 2250 permanent residents... This figure swells to something like 8000 during tourist season (May till Oct) as Exmouth is a very popular tourist destination - not only for grey nomads and Australians but also international tourists and backpackers.

Why? Exmouth is an extremely beautiful area. We have sublime beaches, lots of native wild-life (Emu's, Kangaroos and Echidna's) that roam freely about the streets. It was such a novelty when we first moved here and saw our first Emu strolling down the street... I must also mention all the horrible creepy crawlies that Exmouth has inclusive of the venomous snakes - yuk - they make my blood run cold especially the 3 that have made visible visits to our yard....

Exmouth experiences hot weather all year round... and although this sounds like a good thing - I am desperately missing seasons. Lets face it 5 months of temperatures that are over 40 degrees celscius (104 farenheit) is a bit hard to take.

All I can say is thank goodness for air conditioning!!!

I don't believe this!!!

I just sat here for the past hour and typed a brilliant piece of blogging literature... only for blogger to eat it... sigh!

I will try again later... for now I have whinging kids.... and washing to hang!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Helicopter curtains...

We live in a house that is supplied as a part of my husbands work package - rent free - So I feel I can't complain too loudly - BUT maintenance issues are an ongoing problem. Every room in our house has vertical drapes - 99% of them are broken and damaged and if they are not already damaged you only have to open them or try to close them - for another one to peel off - not good :(

My family bought me a sewing machine for Christmas so it was time to put it to good use :) This morning I woke up and made a decision that I was sick of waiting for someone to get around to fixing the vertical drapes in our I would make curtains. Only problem with that is I have never made curtains in my life but I am pretty proud of my efforts.

I picked the twins room to make my first set of curtains for a couple of reasons... I had this helicopter material in my stash. Originally I was going to make them some shorts but I doubted my ability to manage to get the pattern cut out with the helicopters all facing the right direction so curtains was a perfect choice. I couldn't stuff up :)

Even though they do not look it - they are both the same size - I fluked it :) I have had to hang them up using elastic as the vertical drape rails are still up... and even though I have ask hubby to ask - I doubt I will get anyone out here to fit curtain rods anytime soon.

BUT My 2 little men LOVE their helicopter curtains - As does hubby :) So I guess thats the main thing :)

Now the girls want some :) I looked through my stash and didn't seem to have anything suitable so... when it doubt - the answer is always found with a bit of retail therapy :)

I just went to ebay and purchased this material from ebay.

I was a bit worried that it was a little too young for Miss almost 15 but she loves it. PHEW! Problem solved :) So sometime in the near future you will see a photo of this cute fabric as curtains for my daughters :)

That leaves the lounge area... and our bedroom - decisions decisions. Tomorrow I might go have a look in our little craft shop and see what is there... otherwise I might phone and have a chat to the mail order ladies .... this is how I ended up with the helicopter stash in the first place :) I love shops that let you shop from home... it makes living in a remote area easier to deal with :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lots of progress....

As you can see I have been making good progress and I can visibly see the results every time I stitch these days - I guess it helps that when I do manage to find a few minutes to stitch I pick up a new colour and work with it till I head for bed.
Lately I have not managed as much stitching time as I would like :(
Yesterday I sorted through all of my cross stitch magazines and tore out the pages of the patterns I realistically thought I would ever stitch and placed them into a folder... and the rest I have placed into a pile and I will send them to a friend that has ask for them (via a message I left on facebook) I think I still have about 6 magazines to go through... not bad considering I had a whole box full - maybe 50 magazines that were just collecting dust really.
Now I can flick through the folder and see at a glance my options for new starts and future projects :) As I have catagorised everything into sections and I am quite proud of my achievement :)
Next I need to tackle to boxes of crochet magazines... Most of which I can see I will toss as unlike cross stitch design - crochet patterns - especially clothing - dates quickly.
On that note - I will wish you all a lovely rest of the weekend and I hope that you are getting lots of stitching done...
Hugs xxx