Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Daffycat: Two Giveaways!

It's Daffycat: Two Giveaways!

Daffycat has an awesome fabric giveaway on her blog - Go check it out :)

Anyone want to win a bunny??

A fellow blogger Joy is having a giveaway over at her blog to win the cutest little knitted bunny. The bunnies name is Bonnie... Go have a look and follow the instructions to be included in the draw.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Seaside Treasures - a NEW start :)

Unable to face frogging my teddy bears - I decided a new start was in order... I bought this kit over the Christmas New Year period via ebay... It just appealed to me as we live in an area with lots of beaches and I am always collecting shells...
I gave my husband Andre a choice of which kit (out of a selection from my stash) that he would like to see completed and he chose this one... He wants to see it on the lounge room wall since we have kinda started decorating that area in an under the sea theme. We have 3 beach prints on the wall - a fish candlebra and a dolphin throw adorning the lounge
This xstitch kit is from Dimensions, Inc. and is designed by James Himsworth. The finished size is 10" x 16" (25 x 41 cm) and the fabric size is 14" x 20" (36 x 51 cm). It is a very lovely design of several colorful sea shells, sand dollars, feather, starfish and seaweed and beach grass on the sandy dunes of the seaside beach. In the distance is a red and white lighthouse on the rocky bluffs of the ocean, and several sailboats sailing in the water while seagulls soar above. A perfect design for any lovers of the beach, seashells, the ocean and lighthouses!!!
So last night I started blocking the aida into 10x10 squares... is there an easy way to do this?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hi all... I am a day late with my update for the Totally useless stitch a long... but none the less - here is my update. This month has passed by in a blur and I have not done alot of stitching as I have been too busy doing other things... but in the jar there are all the colours I have been working on in the teddy bears house rules... and a broken needle.
If you want to join the TUSAL please go here.
I discovered yesterday that I have made a major mistake on my teddies... so when I get *GAME* enough to go find it from where I threw it in the back of my built in wardrobe... I will frog all the stitches that are wrong which is a complete bottom section. Its all out by 3 stitches and it just goes to show that a simple counting error can put it all out.
I have kinda lost heart with the project now... so it can stay wherever it landed till the next time I am cleaning out the wardrobe - ?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long time - no post!

Wow - I can't believe that its been 13 days since I last blogged... Lots of days I have thought to myself - I must update my blog today with everything that I have been doing or has been happening before I know it I get distracted by something/someone and then whammo - life gets in the way again. I also have the excuse that I needed to download (and take more) photos but kept forgetting to buy batteries everytime I was near the supermarket.

Yes I finally remembered so here I am...

Now when posting a really long post I often wonder what the protocol is - Do you start in the past and work forward in time... or do you start in the present and work backwards?

I think I will start in the past and work forward - so without further ado... here is a photo of the crochet bag that I was making for my FIL's GF for her birthday... (which was April 5th) I couldn't post it without getting a photo... So now its well and truely late - oops! I am sure once she gets it she won't mind too much since its made in her favourite football team colours. Geelong Cats!!

Next here is an update on the Teddy Bear house rules that I am working on... I have worked on this every Monday night as its the UFO I am working on via the xsersufo yahoogroup.

I have actually done a bit more on it than this photo - but the light is so bad this morning that the photo is just not working....

Next after listening to much chat on a knitting yahoogroup about the 2 different styles of knitting that I would try to teach myself the other style.

For those that are not aware that there are 2 knitting techniques...

One style is called THROWING - this is where you feed the yarn in your right hand and throw the yarn around the needle. This is the way that I was taught and also the way that my mum and nans both knitted.

The other style is Continental. If you go to U-tube and search for it you will find a great tutorial showing how to do continental knitting. She makes it look sooooo easy. (I would post the link to it here but am not sure if its copy-right - so its best if you go do a search yourself) this is where you hold the yarn in your left hand and effectively scoop the yarn across.

As a crocheter holding the yarn in my left hand felt more comfortable... so I decided that I would make a dishcloth to try to practice. Just a basic square (ended up rectangle) of stocking stitch.

I was happy with the results and felt that awesome feeling of acomplishment - BUT it was so much slower than my throwing technique... and although I could see that with time I would improve speed-wise... Since I am not getting any younger and truely believe in "if it aint broke - don't fix it" - I have reverted back to throwing with my next knitting project and I am happy with the results and speed so hey thats what counts :) I think practice and more projects (and perseverance) will improve speed :)

Which brings me to my next project (funnily enough this one is not in true TIME order but thats ok - it fits in with what I am writing)

I decided that I would like to practice my knitting my making the littleset princess a few pretty cardigans...

So here is my next start... I picked a very easy pattern from the Lion brand webpage... and started at about 10pm one night... next thing I was hooked and 12:30am I forced myself to put it down and go to bed... then I picked it up the next day and done a few more rows while I was sitting at the computer reading my emails and reading blogs...

So without further ado - here is the first progress picture of my knitting...

The pattern in detail... its a simple garter stitch strip in the pale pink and deep purple and stocking stitch in the pale purple. I will try to get a better photo of the colours next time - in the above/below photo the colours appear blue.
Last Sunday I made this cute and pretty doily for a friends birthday ... can't mention which friend as she reads my blog - but I do have lots of friends that have birthdays in April... :) So if you have a birthday in April and you would class yourself as my friend - this doily might be going out to you :) Yes its going to arrive late - but hey I think you will forgive me? please?

Monday, April 6, 2009

Home and bits....

I am home after having my hysteroscopy done....I am a bit sore... but thats to be expected. They found a few things that they have sent off to biopsy... I will find out the results from this on April 21st... so its a long wait. SIGH!

Meantime... life goes on :)

My 2 little men turned 3 on Saturday... here is a photo of the 3 of us taken just after birth

and another Saturday 3 years later... Busy enjoying birthday cake and checking out the streamers on the fan... (thanks Daddy for shooting the party popper up there - LOL)

I still look at the photos of them as newborns and think - wow! How on earth did I cope??? My husband and I also still look at each other from time to time and go wow - we have twins. Odd but true :) LOL
On a craft front... I am working on a gift for my FIL's GF - its a crochet bag in Geelong cats football colours.
Tonight is my night to work on my UFO of the Teddy Bear house rules. I belong to a yahoogroup called xsersufo They are holding a monthly competition (with prizes) thanks to Janine. My goal is to stitch for at least 2 hours every week...
My chair is calling... so photos on my craft updates tomorrow...