Friday, May 22, 2009

My litte creation :)

The other day I was reading this blog and I was inspired by her creations... I had been wanting to create a little container to display my pretty home-made dishcloths on the sink so that they are easily accessable and also on display :)

So - I tried my hand at designing my own and I am pretty pleased with what I
came up with... Next I just have to fill it full of pretty new cloths :)

What do you think??

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Update on 2 projects and more mail....

Here is my 3rd progress picture for my current W.I.P Seaside Treasures :) The sky is now completely finished - damn was I glad about that - I was so sick of stitching with 3 shades of blue :) Towards the end - in the last grid I was counting down the squares :) Ha-Ha - Very sad :) I was so excited to thread some red onto my needle and start on the lighthouse :)

I am still loving stitching on this so much - Some days I wish that I didn't have other crafts that also called to me - as I would love to spend more time stitching...especially on this piece :) Sorry about the crinkles - I thought whilst I had the camera out tonight I would take some progress pics for you... and way too lazy to get the iron out at this time of night!!

Next comes the progress on the littlest princess's cardigan. I am roughly 5cm away from having this piece (the back) finished :)

and finally some more mail :) Hubby ordered me the Aurora Cabin cross stitch kit for mothers day... it finally arrived today :) This will be my next cross stitch start :)

It looks like its going to be a BIG project and a bit complicated - this will be my first project that has blending filament... I hope I am up for the challenge?
A freebie from the company - I presume since he spent over a certain $$ amount? A cutting board, cutter and a scrapbook retro tag maker...

You may have gathered that I found the camera?? Yep it was in the bag that we take with us to the beach etc... that holds the endless bottles of water, the sunscreen etc. I don't know why I didn't think to look in there before? DUH! I have lots more things to share with you so stay tuned for more posts to follow... just not tonight - its 10:37pm and past my bedtime - ha- ha!
So on that note - Night night and I will talk to you soon!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Some of todays mail and what I made tonight :)

I had a wonderful mail day today - I received this package from Janette via CrochetSwaps_R_Us for a wish. My wish was for worsted weight cotton - any amount - any colour :) Janette sent me 6 - count them 1,2,3,4,5,6 skeins of Lily Sugar 'n Cream.

I decided that I was going to put this package to good use and make myself some stuff for the kitchen. I nearly always give everything that I make away much to hubbys dismay - He loves everything I make so much and always wants to keep it.
I can see his point as when I look around our house - it should be filled with lots of crochet hand-made goodies... but sadly there is only a few things - The crochet blanket that I made for my beloved nana (R.I.P) and a rug that my nana started and I finished for Xanthe... I must take photos of these to show you - but not today - too many other things to share :) A dishcloth or 2 that I have received in exchanges, a doily I received in an exchange and some potholders once again that I received in an exchange.
So tonight - I sat down to make some stuff for us :)
I made this dishcloth whilst I was cooking dinner :)
After dinner I started making coasters - Here is hubby - Happy with the first coaster that I made as its residing under his beer can and co-incidently saving my Scottish grandfathers Antique wooden table!!

Soon - I had a coaster for my coffee cup...

and several more for when people come over :)

They are so pretty :)

Stay tuned - more kitchen and household lovelys to come :)
Thankyou Janette for my wish :)

Hubby's first catch in Exmouth :)

As a child I grew up in Camden Haven NSW and spent alot of time fishing with my dad... over the years I have caught numerous fish of several different species - I even hold the family record weight wise for some species :)

When I met my husband I ask him the question - Do you like to fish? His reply - I do!! But I have never ever caught very much.

Up until last May we have never lived in an area that was suitable to fishing...oh we could have gone on fishing trips but it would have meant days of planning and hours of driving to get near water.

We have lived in Exmouth a bit over 12 months now... We have LOTS of lovely beaches and its very fishable :) We even keep the rods in the car with a couple of lures - just in case we get the urge when we are near the water. But we have not caught anything much using the lures.

I caught one undersized fish last year... and that was it!

Over the Easter break we went fishing - once again using lures... nothing! We were with our neighbours. One was using lures - the other bait and a handline. She caught a fish using the handline - I dug through our fishing gear and promptly caught 3 fish using the handline. So we figured that the fish of Exmouth must like BAIT rather than LURES...

So - yesterday - our lovely neighbours ask us to go fishing with them... we said yes... we went to a beach called Bundegi. We spend alot of time at Bundegi swimming in summer as the water is just beautiful!

Hubby caught a Golden Tevally on his 4th or 5th cast out using squid as bait :) This fish is his first catch since living in Exmouth and ipso facto since we have been together :) I think his grin says it all? Yep this is the one that didn't get away and he ate it for dinner last night!

Friday, May 15, 2009

12 days!!

Its been 12 whole days since I posted!!! What on earth have I been up to?

Short answer? No idea!!!

Hubby went to hospital with severe back pain that was radiating through to his chest...this was quite a worry as they tested him for everything you can think of inclusive of a heart attack (which was very scarey) and they have came to the conclusion that he PROBABLY? Has a stomach ulcer? We won't know for sure untill he has an endoscopy done - So its a case of wait and see. The medication they placed him on has already started to work :) YAY!

I've been feeling really depressed...not sure what is causing the low feeling... as I tend to have low mood in the mornings and am over it by 3pmish ?

When I feel this way - I tend to feel dissatisfied and bored with life...

Today I decided that I was going to break the cycle and decided to tackle one of the things that was bugging me. Our lounge room (living area) is quite small... and with 7 people living in the house it always looked small, cluttered and a downright mess. If people popped over for a visit hubby and I would both feel embarrassed about the state of the living area - and the words "Sorry about the mess" would pop out of mine or hubbys mouths even if we had just finished spending 3 hours cleaning it up before their arrival. As no matter how hard I tried... the room just looked messy.

So - Today I decided that I would rearrange the furniture a bit to give the illusion of space - and I seem to have managed :) The minute I moved my desk out, pushed the big couch back to where my desk used to be and moved the bookshelf from one wall to the other - the area opened right out... and now I there is a HUGE area of open space on the floor. Need to purchase a couple of things to make it more homely (a big floor rug for the tiles and a lamp/or coffee table) - but for now its ok...I'm happy with it and so is hubby :)

I removed the table which I was using as a penpal desk/craft desk and placed it into the dining area. Which means that I have also shuffled some of the furniture around in there. Funnily enough my "desk area" has landed back into the place I originally placed it when we moved here 12 months ago!!

Sorry no photos at this stage as my camera seems to have grown legs and walked and hubbys camera isn't working :(

Take Care everyone and I will chat to you again soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Off to a great start and progress pics....

Here is my first progress pic for Seaside treasures :) I think I have made a great start on this piece... this is approximately 5-6 hours of stitching. Which was Monday night (when I should have been working on my Teddies) and yesterday during a very disappointing football match... but we won't go there - haha - Least I got lots of stitching done :) My needle seems to be flying on this project and I am itching to stitch on it some more :)

This is also the first time I have EVER started in the top left hand side of a project?

Here is my first progress shot of this months KAL (Knit-a-long) via Monthly Dishcloths. You can find them here. Twice a month the moderator will email out KAL instructions at a rate of 10 rows per day... its a very easy way to practice knitting techniques... as 10 rows can be done in minimal time - I completed this last night whilst browsing reading blogs and at the end of it you get a lovely cloth.

I am granting a wish for some girlie 8" Squares... here are my progress pics :) They are not quite finished and will probably need another 2 possibly 3 rows of DC but as I always forget to take pictures of the squares that I make I figured that I would take this pic whilst i have the camera out :) I am thinking that this pattern and colours might make a lovely afghan for the girls... Maybe a future project???

Here is a crochet dishcloth that I made for a swap online... I belong to several crochet related groups and I think I signed up for about 4 dishcloth swaps... so I can post the pics as no one will know which one they are getting until the time comes that they get their puffy :)

Here is another crochet dishcloth that I made :) Did I mention that I love handmade discloths :)
Both of these patterns are from the Leisure Arts booklet - The big book of dishcloths - 99 dishcloths to crochet :)

Here is the progress picture of my teddies - inclusive of the mistake. I am thinking on this one... do I want to frog it or fudge it ??
The mistake is that the wording is 4 or was it 5 stitches too far left... which in turn means that the hearts are too far left... and therefore on the left where I am trying to add the teddy - I am about 2 stitches too short... to squeeze the teddy in.
I am thinking if I do try to fudge it... I will unpull the glass of water and the bottom caramel part of the teddy... and work from the baby teddy in the picture down... the baby teddy is in the correct spot... This would make the teddy in the correct spot... and I could either leave the glass of water out - or try to fit in in someplace??
Anyway - its packed away and I won't decide for a bit - no point making a hasty decision after all its been a ufo since 2000! LOL

Finally - here is the progress I have made on The littlest princess's cardigan... no rush on this one as its yet to get cold here even though its technically late autumn (Fall)...She won't probably need it until we head on holidays (hopefully in August)

Funnily enough looking at these picures I achieved more this week than I thought I did!
June 1st I am starting back at University - I am going to be attempting a Bachelor of Education - Primary. My first subject is Literacy Education - Fingers crossed that I do well... as I am not getting any younger and really would like to return to the workforce in a couple of years time when the littlest princess starts school....
Studying is going to cut into my craft time - sigh - I plan to enjoy the next couple of weeks before I start and get as much done as possible :)
Have a great day/night in your part of the world :)