Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beginnings of my *LUCY@Attic24* inspired bag

I was tidying some stuff back into my craft cupboard the other night - the one where all of my stash is stashed... I noticed that I had a few postbag packages full of items I had purchased off ebay and from other sources and I figured that since I was tidying up I may as well unpack these and put them away properly. I discovered this cotton that I had purchased a few months back with the intention of making myself a LUCY inspired bag...and if you would like to make your very own Lucy inspired bag you can find her pattern here. I love the colours of this cotton - its worsted weight (sugar n cream) called Summer Splash. Here is a picture of my progress after a couple of hours crocheting whilst watching a movie with Hubby...

Finished picture coming soon - as this project is making my heart flutter with happiness and excitement... strange but true - something I really have not felt for a long time!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Give away :)

Jan is celebrating the birth of her grand-daughter with a great giveaway - you can find it here. Go take a look and join the fun :)


Firstly I want to say a huge thankyou for all of the comments/emails that I have received in regards to my dad... I am trying to stay strong and positive that everything is going to be OK... and I will talk to you about whats going on if and when I know myself! Hopefully it will be good news of sorts!

Anyway onto some fun stuff and progress pictures :)

Here is my TUSAL pictures :) Sorry I have not updated for a few months - I either forget or am sans camera at the right time of month. This month I am a few days late but hey better late than never - right??

This photo is peeking into the top of the jar - you can see some wrappers from the yarn I have been using on various projects, Hubbies Blanket, Dishcloths etc.. and some threads from seaside treasures....

here is a side view
and another side view :) Certainly looks interesting ???
Here is my stitching update 6 on seaside treasures - its certainly coming along nicely and I can see some real progress in this photo. I will be happy to have this little section complete so I can move to a different section... Which I think will be the water and the boats or the shell below - not sure yet :)

Remember I mentioned that I had started a new knitting project? This is a jumper for the littlest princess :) These photos are my progress on the back.. the first 2 photos were from the night I started it and the last photo is my night 2 progress... its growing really quickly as the red yarn you can see is the armhole markers. The secret to it growing so quickly is that its knitted on big needles and uses 12ply doubled :) The pattern is from QUICK KNITS FOR KIDS - its a patons publication that I purchased ? Approximately year 2000? As I knitted this very jumper for Miss 9 when she was a toddler!

Here I am hiding behind my knitting :) Very proud of the progress of night one's efforts :)

Here is where it stands after 2 nights of knitting ....
Hmmm - I am so torn - I want to knit - I want to stitch... So each night I flip a coin to see what I will be doing :) Do you have this dilemma? or do you only work on one project at a time?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good News / Bad News

Firstly - thankyou to everyone that sent me emails of support or left comments. I appreciate your friendship so much :)

Monday we had some good news in that my hubbies job is secure for at least the next 6 months... Part of the bad news is that we will be faced with the same types of decisions in 6 months time ??? So there is still uncertainty looming.

We are also going to have to be making some rather HUGE decisions about Miss 15's schooling - As next year she will be entering into Year 11 and will need some stability... and changing schools will not be an option ??

Sorry for the delay in letting you all know...but our internet has been mucking up for the last week. Its been very hit and miss as to whether the adsl connects. Bigpond (our server) is supposedly sending us a new modem as ours was still under warrenty (phew) but it will take at least 10 business days for it to arrive. COUNT THEM 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 Business days... hmm!

We bought a pre-paid modem to use whilst hubby was in hospital and for holidays etc but have found it to be FRUSTRATING to say the least. It takes ages to connect - then says there is no signal and when it does work it CHEWS through the credit... Totally useless!

Me being me - I decided I had enough and decided I would pull the modem to pieces to see if I could get it inwork - by this stage I was getting particularly desperate.... we all know we are addicted and you start having withdrawels after a bit. I was sooo totally LOST!

BINGO - its working - Maybe I missed my calling - Maybe I should go and get an IT degree? But I think they might frown at my method (I admit to throwing it at the fence out of pure frustration then picking it up plugging it in and going oh my goodness its connecting!!)

I won't hold my breath that the connection will hold - but for now - yay - I am online!!

Now comes the bad news - You all thought that you had read the bad news - unfortunately not :(

I received a phone call from my mum on Wednesday afternoon... the second *MUM* flashed onto the caller ID I had this feeling of dread and I wanted to run screaming and not answer the phone... as I knew that my dad had a doctors appointment Wednesday with a specialist.

Anyway - I answered the phone and mum said the words I did not want to hear - The specialist said that your dad has tested positive for bowel cancer :(

He is now on a priority one waiting list to find out the extent of the disease... to find out if its curable or not...


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back to feeling blue....

This time round I have a valid reason for feeling so down... sigh!

Life has has a habit of biting us in the butt :(

Every time we feel like we are getting ahead or that life will return to normal - something else happens and after a while its really hard to stay positive.

When hubby returned to work after being so sick - his boss took him to one side and told him that his job is under threat and that they would discuss it in depth in 2 weeks time (deadline for this meeting is this coming meeting at 2pm Australian Western Standard time) and the countdown clock in my brain is ticking... tick tock tick tock. Its been endless days of waiting already and Monday is going to be a really hard to deal with.

Hubby and I have gone through every possible outcome for this meeting... and we have our worst case scenarios all figured out inclusive of what we will do. The worst case scenario will be that we sell all of our worldly goods and possessions....and return to Victoria - landing first at his dad's place in Geelong and then starting a new life. Although I can deal with losing our stuff - its just possessions and nothing is irreplacable - and for some of our appliances - they will need to be replaced soon anyway so its no biggie... but its the thought of things like the kids losing all of their favourite toys, losing my *STASH*, losing some of the newer things that we have just bought... thats distressing to say the least.

Under any other circumstance I would have jumped at the chance to get out of this town and back to Victoria... or any of the Eastern States of Australia. To be closer to my friends and family... but not like this. So I just want to say - be careful what you wish for!!

Understandably I have not been able to concentrate on much craft wise... I have started a new knitted jumper for the littlest princess ( the last one I started is in a bag as a UFO as when I finished the back I discovered that my tension must have been off and its 4 sizes too big for her? A finish in the future I guess? or a bin job if worst case scenario happens) and my seaside treasures has had a few stitches added - I promise to update with some photos asap - my camera is still awol and hubbies has flat batteries (just put them on the charger) so on that note - take care and I will chat with you all asap. HUGs cause I need one :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

my little business venture!

For a while now I have felt a certain dissatisfaction with my life and have wondered what direction my life is taking??

Do I get a job?

Do I finish my University Studies?

Do I just be contented as a stay at home mummy?

No matter how much I tried - I couldn't come up with an answer that didn't stress and depress me.

Today - I decided that I wanted to open an online store to sell my craft work. It will not only make me a little bit of pocket money - but it will give me direction and something to work towards. So without further ado - here is the link to my little store :)

Madeit is a site similar to etsy - but exclusively for Australians to list items. Both international and Aussies can purchase items and all prices are in Australian dollars.

At the moment I just have 2 listings of dishcloths that I made tonight - but I will be listing more things as I get the chance to make them.

Custom orders are always welcome :)

Off to make something else to list - please leave me a comment with what you think?

Stitchy update 5

I figured whilst I had Andre's camera in my hands tonight I would take another quick photo of last nights stitchy progress... I worked on it for around an hour - maybe? I can still see lots of progress :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A little stitchy update - Seaside treasures update

Please forgive me for not ironing this prior to taking the photo but I wanted to grab the opportunity to use Andre's camera whilst I could :) Here is the latest update pic for Seaside Treasures... I can notice the difference between the last update and now and that makes me feel good since I really have not had alot of time to stitch lately.

Andre's blankie - progress pic 1

For the past year ?? Andre has been nagging me to make him a crochet rug. I started collecting green and blue squares from swaps and wishes.... and about a week before he got sick (when our weather got cooler) I decided I would start to crochet what I had together to see how many squares I still needed...

This picture is of the blankie and my 3 men snuggling under it on the couch watching tele the week before hubby got sick... It still needs squares added to it - but for now its big enough to be a snuggle rug on the couch.

Andre took his blankie with him on his recent trip to hospital - It was a source of comfort for him to remind him of home and how much we love him.

Lots of photos to share... Part 2

The following photos are from a trip to the park - I think this was the day that I hurt my back!

This is a photo of TWIN 1 - Liam enjoying the slide :)

This is a photo to TWIN 2 - Eamonn enjoying the slide

Here is a photo of a very determined Xanthe climbing the ladder.....

Yay we reached the top....
WEEEEEE!! down the slide we go!

Once she done it once - she was up and down too many times to count. I panic every time she attempts that ladder though as its designed more for older children. There are some days (often lately) that I forget that my little princess is not even 2 yet!!

Lots of photos to share...part 1

I was looking through some photos that hubby has stored on his laptop and decided that I would share some with you :)

This first picture is of our cat Mischief... I miss him so much - as if I was lonely, sick or feeling low he would come snuggle in bed with me at night. He went missing approximately 3 weeks ago and we suspect that the man that lives over the back fence has kidnapped him and disposed of him - whether he murdered him or dumped him... We have no proof and will never know.

It just seems really funny that Mischief suddenly disappears a few days after the man over the back fence lodged a complaint to the shire ranger about Mischief jumping the back fence and scratching some of his seedlings out. Legally he was supposed to trap the cat and give it to the ranger who would have then issued us a fine and upon payment we would have got our cat back.

We love you mischief and hope that if you were dumped you find your way back home ASAP!

This a photo taken of our backyard during summer 2008-2009 (I can tell by the toys that it was taken after Christmas) It shows our new outdoor setting and the pindan sandpit where the kids play in the red soil!

This is the front of our house taken when we were on BLUE ALERT in preparation for Cyclone DOMINIC in January. Cyclone Dominic crossed the coastline at ONSLOW which is approx 100KM North of here.

This is a photo of one of Exmouth's many Emus. Its not uncommon for them to be strolling down the middle of the road! This one was at our front gate scavenging through our bin - yep lovely! You can see another emu in the background heading our way... and you can also see the lovely view from the front of our house :) of the range!

Here is a photo of Jacinda hand-feeding the same emu some bread. This was a big mistake as after that they kept hanging around... picking stuff out of our bins... making a big mess and generally making a nuisance of themselves. It also makes getting in and out of the cars a bit tricky as they can be quite agressive!

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hello everyone...

Thankyou to everyone that sent me a message - whether it be privately or in the comments... I appreciate them so much.

You will all be pleased to read that I am feeling much happier and I think that my self-imposed break away from blogging and some aspects of the net has helped immensely despite whats been happening in my world!... I also made a decision that I was not ready to resume my studies at University. After I made that decision I felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders!!

My back is FINALLY better though every now and then whilst doing some household chores it will start aching but I just stop what I am doing and rest and then continue... I guess I have learnt to live with it.?

I would have been back MUCH sooner... but we have had lots going on here...

The 3 major things are:

My laptop died on me - LIKE EKK!!! Its not even 12 months old (and a replacement on my original purchase) Luckily for me hubby is loaning me his whilst mine is at the shop getting fixed. I am never ever going to buy a dell computer ever again as we have had nothing but trouble with both of our laptops since buying them... I am so grateful that we expended and bought the complete care warranties.

One of these years I am going to start remembering to back up all my files??

I also can't find my camera - this is stressing me immensely as I had a heap of photos on there ready to share with you all when I was ready to return to blogging. I know that one of the 3 toddlers has had it - I suspect Liam as he has a fascination with the cameras - and we have many many LIAM shots to prove it inclusive of self portraits and pictures of his siblings in crime :) Now I just need to find his hidey hole... and of course if I ask him I get this blank look and a wry grin... sigh! I guess it will show up?

The most important reason why I have not been back to talk to you all sooner - or even visit with you and read your blogs is that my husband Andre has been extremely sick...

Last Saturday (June 27th) he was air-lifted to Perth from our little town Exmouth Western Australia. They sent him down to the Sir Charles Gardiner hospital in Perth and I am extremely grateful for the staff that looked after him so well. It was extremely nerve wracking for me to be stuck here in Exmouth and have no knowledge of what was going on... The nurses were lovely, caring and informative when I called and spoke to them but it still wasn't the same as being there to hold his hand!! He returned home on Thursday much to my relief... hes still not 100% - Hes tired, washed out and his colour is still not right - but hes alive and hes home.

We have to follow up the cause of what made him sick and find out test results and future treatments etc when we visit Perth for holidays in August.

Speaking of our holiday in Perth :) We have booked our holiday house and its all systems go :) We will be staying here and I am really looking forward to it. I am not looking forward to the 17 hour drive each way with the kids - but am trying not to think about that :)

Anyway I am off to bed - its only early 9:39pm but all of my sleepless nights last week are catching up with me. Take Care and I promise to talk to you soon... Stay tuned a giveaway will be soon :)