Sunday, November 29, 2009

Joys of children?

Well my friends - there will be no more progress photos on "friendship" by the sweetheart tree... well at least until I buy another kit...

My darling little children gave into temptation this morning and cut my pattern graph into a thousand teeny tiny pieces... sigh! I am just truely thankful that they did not cut either themselves or the fabric...

I had always planned to stitch this piece twice... but I wasn't planning on buying another kit... oh well - Liam, Eamonn and Xanthe had other plans...

So sometime down the track - When we are financially secure again I will be able to stich this again...

Kids eh?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random photos - craft - flowers - life

Hello everyone - I hope you are having a good start to the weekend?? We've decided to give it a week of intensive job hunting before we start panicking.... If Andre (or I) don't have a job by next Saturday.... we will have to consider our options as we can't live without money!

In the meantime I would like to share some photos with you...

This is a photo of a dishcloth that I made the pattern for - just made each row up as it came using some scraps of cotton. I'm thinking I should write the pattern down and maybe sell it on etsy? What do you think?? This is not the first pattern I have designed so maybe this is my Niche?

Here is a coaster that I made "just for us" from my favourite coaster pattern.

A simple dishcloth in a kiddie size (forgive the ends - just realise that I have not woven them in yet) that I will be using as a gift this Christmas with some small toiletries...

Another in an adult size for the same reasons....

Here is my finished baby gift .... I will be mailing this off to baby Amelia this week... Before Andre misplaced his job we were planning to visit today.... oh well... I hope that she gets lots of use out of it...

The kids are enjoying having daddy home to play with :) Daddy has also been enjoying spending some quality time with them. In this photo Eamonn and Xanthe are playing tickles on the trampoline with daddy... They had such fun and couldn't stop giggling!!

Here is a photo of the bunch of roses that Andre picked me for our wedding aniversary from our garden. They were just buds but are now starting to open and smell DIVINE!!!

Not sure what this flower is but the tree is located near the garage - very pretty...

This is a bottlebrush thats located along the fenceline....

I'm also not sure of what this one is called... but its in amoungst the JUNGLE near the fence and the compost heap...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary

This is my favourite photo of us from our wedding November 26th 2005.

This year we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary... it's amazing what lengths my husband will go to to get to spend the day with me! I really shouldn't joke but am trying to stay light hearted and positive even though the situation sux big time...
On November 25th Andre was called into the CEO's office 10mins before knock off time and told that his contract was being terminated with no real reasons and to not bother to come in the next day? To say that we are in a state of shock is an understatement...its left us with a whole lot of uncertainty. After all we just moved here to Melbourne for this job...
We have made a few minor plans... none of which are set in concrete.
1) Andre contacts the consultant that got him the job in the first place - tick! She has a job local to us that she is putting his name forward for. If he gets that GREAT - we are secure for the next 6months.
2) We move closer to my parents or SE QLD which is where my parents are planning on moving to in 6months time and we both attend University. Andre has been dissattisfied with his career for a long time now... so this might be the perfect opportunity to jump ship??
With Christmas so close and mouths to feed - we need to work this out asap...Please pray that something works out for us?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some crafty photos :)

Firstly thankyou to everyone that took the time to send me an email or leave a comment on my last post.

I've decided for now I must be meant to stay at home with the toddlers - so will enjoy the luxury whilst it lasts and continue to pursue employment outside of the home for the hours that I can work... the toddlers will be off to school soon enough and I will be able to seek work during normal hours. I doubt that babysitting would be an option for me as my 3 toddlers wear me out and wear me down - ya know??

We need to $$ that my income would generate but at the moment we have a roof over our heads and food on the table and thats the most important thing!

I've decided to dedicate a part of my day (EVERYDAY) to entering competitions and treat it like a job. Competitions have always been a hobby of mine. In the past I have won lots of little things over the years, cash, cds, dvd's, game consoles, store vouchers, dvd players, hampers etc. Entering takes time and effort and its a game of chance... but if you enter enough you will win :) The old saying that you have to be in it to win it certainly applies... and for those people that whinge about never winning anything - realistically how often do you enter?

In the past month I've won $2520 in cash and store cards, a movie ticket and a box of huggies nappy pants... so realistically probably earnt more than a part-time job anyway?

Craft-wise I will continue to work on whatever takes my fancy and if I make something that has no real purpose or no-one to gift it to then I will place it into an online shop for sale... I decided after listening to your thoughts on the subject that I agreed - my craft should never be considered work as thats when the enjoyment disappears. (which is what happened years ago with my crochet)

Anyway enough of my ramblings for today and on to the promised photos....

We know SEVERAL people that are either pregnant or have just had their babies so I decided that I would make some baby cloths as gifts. I bought the pattern from here. Since the exchange rate is so good at the moment I also bought both sets of Christmas cloths and the wedding set. I just LOVE the ideal behind these cloths!!! Hoping to make some as gifts for Christmas and my brother is getting married in January - need to get those needles clacking??

Here is my first cloth - I'm on row 34 of the baby footprints :) Working out very cute :) and the pattern is written extremely well and is so easy to follow. Hopefully a finish off photo to follow really soon....

I have not done any cross stitch since living in Melbourne - but here is where I am at with "friendship" by the sweetheart tree. Sorry for the poor quality photo - the light just would not co-operate this morning.

It reads

Is th...
binds two hearts

I'm still loving stitching on the evenweave - but the over 1 nature of this stitching is killing my eyes!!!

And lastly - here is seaside treasures... sadly another I have not placed a stitch into in forever.... but I do think this photo has progressed since the last one I posted?

Anyway - my happy lil washing machine has sung to me that the load has finished so I had best go hang it out - have a great day wherever you are in this world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi Everyone...

I've been looking around for a part time job since we arrived in Victoria and as yet have not been able to find anything that suits the hours that I am available to work...

As some of you know we have 3 toddlers (aged 3 and 2) so I can't work normal hours... ie between 7am and 7pm... as those are the hours that Andre is out of the house at work. Daycare for the toddlers is not an option simply due to the high costs involved... paying approximately $90 per day per toddler would really defeat the whole purpose of working to earn extra cash?

So I need a job that I can either a) do with the children or b) that is between the hours of 7pm and 7am... and don't forget I have to sleep sometime as everyone knows you can't sleep when toddlers are around...

I've got no formal qualifications... but have experience working in kitchens, supermarkets and can type at over 65wpm. So I have applied at all the usual places that you would expect to find work at night - Macdonalds and other fast food outlets, the supermarkets etc. NOTHING! There seems to be a distinct lack of available work at the moment for those hours and I suspect its because there are lots of families that are in similar situations to ours... and of course its always cheaper to employ the teenagers for these hours...

So - I am thinking maybe I could sell my craft work... ??? I'm thinking ETSY and MADEIT ?

I set up a MADEIT store about 6 months ago - listed some dishcloths and have had no interest? If you would like to have a look you can click here.

Now my question to you dear readers...

What types of things do you feel would sell well? what craft? What site is best... etc etc etc. ?

The thing that worries me most about selling my craft work is that I am unsure how much time I can commit to making things... and many years ago I used to sell my crochet at a local market and in a small craft shop. After awhile I got so bored with making the same thing over and over that I had to take a break from crocheting as I simply wasn't enjoying it anymore and I have only this past year been able to sit and crochet again... though when crocheting I still get alot of those feelings...

Although its fast and it looks great it just doesn't make my heart sing?

Please comment/email and give me your honest thoughts and opinions - thanks :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Finally some photos :)

Hi everyone... sorry that I have taken forever to get back to you with some photos. Its hard to believe that we have been living in Victoria a whole month!! During that time we have had our ups and downs. We are still settling into our new environment on so many levels and we have still to replace 90% of our possessions and rebuild our lives. I also admit there is still one set of RTA (ready to assemble) drawers to assemble.... after doing one set of these I just can't face them!! LOL Maybe they will still be sitting there when my dad visits in December (grin - love you daddy if you are reading this!) We also have some stuff on order that he will probably get the job of assembling too...?

BUT we are functioning on a day to day level and I guess thats what is most important. Although I am not promising - I am going to try to post a bit more often... dare I even say daily? We'll see how things pan out - like I said I am not promising :)

Anyway - here are some random photos of our house/yard/street and our time in Victoria so far... (I had to download them from my husbands facebook page so the quality is not that great sorry)

Here is a photo of us enroute to see my best friend Brooke in Ballarat. Some kind passerby offered to take the photo for us :) Left to right is Eamonn holding my hand and Andre.... Liam and Xanthe are in the pram. Photo is taken between Etihad Stadium and Southern Cross Station...

We caught the V-line train up... which travels at 160km per hour - not that you notice as its VERY smooth.

It was great to see Brooke and her family again... I have missed her so much and it was like we never left :) We had a brilliant time - rather too much to drink but hey :)

Here is a photo of me at Southern Cross Railway Station!

Here is a photo of our house :) We are living in a LEAFY suburb in Melbourne called Beaumaris. We are across the road from an oval that has cricket and footy played on it (we can sit on the porch and watch) and there is a playground over there that the kids have really been enjoying :) We are also 500M from the beach, 500m from 2 sets of shops and a bus route to Southland (shopping center previously mentioned!)

This is our street... well our house faces this street but our address is that of the side street that you can vaguely see (behind the tree)

This one is of the backyard standing at the garage looking towards the house. You can see some of our gardens... lots of plants, trees and flowers :)

This photo is taken from the back porch walking towards the shed and clothesline. I look out the kitchen and dining room windows on all this greenery! Andre took this photo one day it was raining - after living in Western Australia for so long seeing rain was a novelty - for the first day at least - haha! Then we started to remember how damp and cold it can be... esp when we were having overnight temperatures of 6c!
This week the weather is lovely... Topping 36 today :) Much more what we are used to!!
We've had a bit of a lighting issue in the house... all of the fixed lights in the living area are USELESS... BUT I think I have it sorted now so I hope to be back to doing crafts asap... I feel like I am going CRAZY!
Anyway - take care - I'm off to catch up on some blog reading and I will chat again soon! Hugs to all!! xx