Thursday, December 24, 2009


Its Christmas Eve in Australia... its a lovely 31C day... not too humid and cooler than we have experienced over the past few days. I have a part of our Christmas lunch in the oven (roast Chicken) as we will be having cold Chicken, Ham and salads tomorrow. Much too hot in Australia for a hot lunch :) Tomorrow morning I will make potato and pasta salads... YUMMY :)

Our day will no doubt start early... with 3 toddlers in the house I am sure they will be up at dawn to see what Santa has brought... followed by the traditional opening of the wrapped gifts.

This year with everything we have been through and our relocation from Exmouth, Western Australia to Beaumaris (Melbourne) Victoria and finally here to Laidley, Queensland... I am surprised that we have managed to pull it all together! Amazingly we have.

This time last year we were under cyclone watch... and if we knew what we knew now was in store for us we probably would have been more grateful and appreciative of what we had...2009 will be forever etched as the year from hell... consistant health issues, the trauma of losing everything during our relocation to Beaumaris, the slow rebuilding that we are now experiencing... its going to take a LONG time to recover.

The toddlers never settled into Beaumaris for some reason? But thankfully they seem to be accepting of their new home here in Laidley... maybe the fact that Laidley is warm - could have helped with that transition?

Its time for us to settle and rebuild - so lets hope that 2010 is a year for healing and rebuilding?

To all of my wonderful friends in blogland - thankyou for your friendship, for your emails and comments. I wish you all a wonderful festive season... may you enjoy a special Christmas with all of your loved ones... and please have a safe and wonderful start to 2010.

Love and Hugs Chars x

Friday, December 18, 2009


Hello dear readers - sorry I have been AWOL for so long but I have just relocated once more... I've just had good news that I have a house so am happy that we will finally be able to settle once more. I am currently in Laidley in SE QLD.

Will talk to you more soon

love and hugs Chars x