Friday, February 12, 2010


Hi everyone...

Sorry I have been absent for a bit...  life has a habit of getting in the way of what we really want to do and to be totally honest I have not been in a chatty mood - matter of fact I have been feeling quite down :( 

My dad has to undergo some more tests as they think that the cancer is back...  Finances for us are not in the best shape and its my birthday soon - this time of year always depresses me as I tend to contemplate what I have achieved or havn't achieved in my life :(  this year marks the year before a major milestone too so I guess thats daunting in itself!!

On a different front - I have re-enrolled in part time university studies and that starts on March 2... aim is to make myself more employable... at this point in time although I have skills - I don't have pieces of paper to prove it and without those pieces of paper - no employer will even look at you.

I am going to be studying a Bachelor of Education - PRIMARY - which should enable me to gain employment in the future regardless of  my age when I finish it... 

I am only going to be studying part-time to start with and then if I cope with it ok I will trial full time study or even fast track it by doing an extra subject... not getting ahead of myself there though as I am already feeling overwhelmed at squeezing 1 subject and study into my already crowded busy days....

Andre has also chosen to return to studying... he will be doing full time study.  So its a new chapter to our lives I guess?

On a craft note - I have added a few threads to my Aurora Cabin piece... I will post an update photo on Sunday when I do the update for my SAL blog... and I have made a present for my best friend's birthday which is today (Happy Birthday Brooke) I forgot to take a photo so if I remember I will ask her to take a photo and send me so I can share...  Nothing exciting as I left it to the last minute but I think she will like?  Geez I hope so - LOL!

Anyway - I guess I have bored you long enough - hope you are all safe and well.

hugs xx


stitchinfiend said...

I am so glad that you posted I was going to shoot you an email on the week-end to see if you were okay. Hope you can fit your study in. I know the feeling of tight finances. If ours were any tighter we would squeak.

Bronny said...

Glad to hear that you are looking forward now. I fully understand - I hope that I never have another year like 2009 - things have a way of working out. One door closes and another opens.

Maria said...

Good on you, going to Uni. It will be hard work, but it will definitely be worth it.
Good luck for your Dad.

Felicity said...

Hi Char,

Saturday is market day so we went to the Powerhouse Market, this morning. On the way home, The MOTH did the 'manly' thing and had the car washed (water restrictions, yad.da, yad.da, yad.da) at a venue right opposite my LNS - Peppermint Stitches.

No, no, no! The resolution is still intact! But ...

I enrolled in a 4 week advanced cross stitching course for all the fancy dancy stitches. Hence, calling all stitchers in SE Qld. Come one, come all! The course starts on 15th April and runs each Thursday from 6 to 9pm. The cost is a very reasonable $100.00 for 12 hours of classes.

The teacher is Marjorie Poole formerly from Marjorie's Needlecase, a well known LNS that was on Baroona Rd in Milton.

For reseverations, ring Julie or Stacey at Peppermint Stitches on 07 3161 6606.

Carolyn NC said...

Sorry to hear it's not been well lately.

Karan said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) & hope all goes well with the tests.
Good Luck to you both with the studying. :0)