Friday, March 5, 2010


Hubby created this painting the other day - we have just listed it in my etsy shop for sale.  If you are interested HERE is the LINK to the shop.

I think its awesome and its a reflection of hubbys love of severe weather, thunderstorms and his fascination to capture lightning in photos.   What do you think?  Comments welcome.


Bronny said...

Quite a talented man - a striking picture (pardon the pun)
Good luck...

Carolyn NC said...

It's beautiful!

Kristy said...

very pretty..your husband does a great job

Karan said...

I love the shading in this. He's captured it well. :0)

skippinginthemeadow said...

you and hubby both have so much creative talent. the painting is stunning! the vivid blue is wonderful.

warm wishes


Mylene said...

Such a beautiful painting, your hubby did a great job!

Mrs Twins said...

Hi! This painting is gorgeous. You have one talented man there.
I love the colours hes used in it. Why do you want to sell it? I wouldn't. It's lovely.
Anyway. Little Miss Sunshine.
I just typed in sunshine I think.
Click on images.
You get all different pictures come up.
I just printed it off the computer.
Made my 6" square,
and just sort of did it.
I didn't use a pattern at all. I wouldn't be able to follow one!
Just basically two circles with a few added bits.
I'm not too happy with it.
To be honest with you. I probably could have done better. I might have another go.
Lovely to hear from you again!
Glad you heard the music. I spend ages trying to find music but a lot of people dont hear it.
Thank you for that.,
Have a good day Sue xxxxxxxx

Meari said...

Very nice!

Liz said...

A very talented hubby you have there.