Saturday, August 14, 2010

a solution and some crafting in progress

Approximately a month ago Andre and I went furniture shopping.  We originally went shopping for a coffee table but somehow ended up purchasing a home office :)  We turned the back corner of our lounge area into a corner office.    We also purchased 2 lamps to solve our lighting issue... mine is sexy pink :)

I love my new desk.  In this photo you can see my laptop... and some crochet squares that I am working on...A basket that is filled with odds and sodds - a few balls of yarn, scissors, tape measure and some letters I need to answer.  Next to that is my TUSAL which will have to photograph,  a puzzle book, my diary and mobile.

I love the way the dappled sunlight comes through these windows all day long.  It is very hard to drag myself away from this area to do other things!!

In 2011 I am hoping to be studying.  I have applied via QTAC (Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre) for some degrees via Central Queensland University.  I am hoping to get into one of them to start studying in March 2011.  No more excuses!!!

Anyway - onto a stitchy update....  Here is a photo of the Aurora Cabin Piece before I started stitching on it again...  I am not sure if I had stitched on it since my last update photo or not...?  So figured I would take a new one to show progress.

Here is the next update photo but I have stitched on it more since this photo was taken... I will have to take one tomorrow in the natural light as the flash on the camera doesn't work.

Aurora ask me to test some squares for her... they worked up beautiful.. both of these patterns are available free on her blog 

Anyway - sorry to cut this blogpost short but as per usual something here is demanding my attention.... hopefully be back tomorrow with that update photo...?

Happy Birthday Little princess

August 9th marked the 3rd birthday of our littlest princess... here she is being cheeky because she was busted drawing on daddy's desk...