Sunday, October 24, 2010

Geisha Update No.5

I have been really busy this past week with sick kids and other bits and pieces... so I have not had much of a chance to stitch on my Geisha piece - BUT I did manage to sit still for 3-4hours this afternoon and I am pleased with my progress.  


Karan said...

You've done really well to get any stitching time at all, by the sounds of it - hope everyone is OK now. The geisha is growing nicely. :0)

Florrie said...

Fantastic progress, it's looking great.......sometimes life does seem to get in the way.........hope you're all feeling better.
florrie x

Felicity said...

Hi Chars, oh hope your poorly ones are better soon! ive just finished joshs cross stitch and made it into a cushion for him to cuddle up to, not long to go now before the baby is here, yippie! hope you're well, fliss xxx