Monday, October 18, 2010

Knitted Star Cloth

Last night I finished off this star cloth that I started a few nights beforehand - I am practising my knitting and love the way these cloths look with all the pretty patterns.

This cloth is a part of a set of Christmas cloths that you can find for purchase on this BLOG

Expect to see some more of these cloths appear soon.

I was hoping to knit some as Christmas gifts but feel that my knitting is not up to a standard where I could give it to anyone as a gift - so meantime we will get lots of usage out of my practice cloths which will keep DH happy as he wants to keep everything that I make for us...  Funnily enough I rarely if ever make anything for us?


Florrie said...

Love your Christmas inspired knitted dishcloth, I have a bit of a passion/addiction for knitted socks and dishcloths, but like you, most are given away as gifts........I think us crafters are a generous bunch!
florrie x

clare's craftroom said...

Ooh that looks so good and I love your crochet cloths below . I can crochet , sort of , but cannot knit at all !

Prairie Rose said...

Love it!
I have made a heart dishcloth and a paw print dishcloth pattern, have not made a star.
But,love the idea,will have to look for pattern.
Very Pretty:)
Have a great day!

Prairie Rose said...

You could TOTALLY give these as gifts!
Last year I gave a set of the paw print dishcloths to my MIL and she loved them.
And I am not near the knitter you are!
I dont know anyone who wouldnt appreciate these lovely dishclothes or anything knitted by you!

Lap Dog Knits said...

The clothes are all very pretty, I often knit little clothes (they're my "go to" projects when I need to keep my hands busy but want something easy to travel with) and yours look lovely! Hopefully someday I'll figure out how to crochet, have a terrific day!

Karan said...

Love the Christmassy cloth... they'd make great gifts. :0)