Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scarf from Miss Santa - WIP

Well I joined the Miss Santa swap on the yahoogroup crochet in common... if you look in the blogs I read you will find the link to the yahoogroups blog page... from there I am almost? positive there will be a link to join the group?

Anyway :)  Here is a scarf that I have started knitting for my Miss Santa recipient... I am using the one row pattern by Stephanie (yarn harlot) - you can find the pattern here.


Anonymous said...

I hope the pattern books come in morrow night at the library, so that I can scope out which one I want to use! I'd love to be able to dish about what I'm going to knit and why I choose who will be receiving it -- I MISS knitting, and I completely forgot that the library stocks patterns! :O Laughs. It was a total 'duh' moment! I like the pattern that is emerging in this scarf! My first project was a blue variated scarf which was acrylic -- since then, I only use natural or plant fibers, but I wanted to say, I *love!* variated yarns because you literally are unwinding a mystery as far a colour placement and arrangement go as you knit (or crochet)!! :) Its a beautiful extra joy! :)

Florrie said...

I'm still loving that yarn......I shall have to run into town on a "seek and find mission"......perhaps not today though, I'm loaded down with things to get on with. The pattern's gorgeous, I remember tagging it as one of my favourites on ravelry a few weeks ago.
Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.
florrie x

Karan said...

What a fab Christmas gift it'll be. Just love that yarn. :0)