Friday, January 29, 2010

Aussies - guess what??

Today I had to take my car back to the car yard we bought it from due to the ignition not working correctly - it was a case of hit or miss to get the car to start - not good.  So we set out for Brisbane at 10 this morning.  The car yard told us it would take AT LEAST 4 hours - so I said I was going to go find the real American yarns store.  For you Aussies that want to purchase the American Yarn here in Australia - This is the place for you.   You can find a link to the online store HERE!!!!  So Brisbanites - you can go visit the store in GROVELY - its easy to find just near the station.

Anyway - Here I am outside of the shop - looking like a drowned rat as we had just walked through the deluge of a thunderstorm from the station :)

Here I am with the lovely proprietor... Gabrielle :)

I walked away with some large skeins of Bernat cotton - which is actually sugar and cream cotton in a larger skein.  I'm so pleased now that I made the effort as Gabrielle is lovely and so is the shop - I could have spent LOTS of money there and will do in the future (as I have already done in the past via mail order!!)

A special thankyou to my wonderful husband whom tagged along for the ride and whom played photographer... and didn't blink an eyelid at how much I spent :)

If you have always longed to be able to purchase the correct yarn for your projects - be sure to check out the shop either in the flesh or online!!

Disclaimer : I am not responsible for any stash enhancing or credit card debts this post may incur! haha :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Aurora Cabin update

I achieved lots on this piece last week thanks to stitching on it solidly uninterupted on Thursday afternoon.  I am really loving having the toddlers in childcare :)  Thursday I actually felt as if I unwound which is something that I have not done for a LONG time....  The toddlers are loving "SCHOOL" too so thats the important thing.

As I am stitching this piece the song "BLUE DAY" keeps running through my head - esp the line - "and I tell myself its just a blue day...."  I wonder why?  There is no escaping blue either as if you look at the picture as a whole - its at least 75% shades of blue???

You can see from the photo of the original kit EXACTLY what I am talking about :)  You can also see where I am at in the grand scheme of things....  one thing I notice by looking at their pic to mine is that their Aurora is a lot paler than mine is working out... guess thats floss variation at its best?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

His and hers wash-cloths

This morning I woke up with the urge to knit - but it was rather hot today in Laidley so I decided to crochet a couple of I done what all fellow crcoheters do when at a loss as to what to create - and found this pattern on the Lion Brand webpage. 

I used sugar and cream and was about half way through and Andre commented that it was way too pretty to use as a dishcloth... so I said OK I will make it for use in our bathroom...


So I finished mine and pulled out the skein of blue and made hubby one too...

So now our bathroom contains matching his and hers wash-cloths :) 

I'm now making a bright one for Missy 10 :)  I'm having fun and its rekindling my love for crochet :)

Now I have a question for you all....

Would you purchase a set like this??  I am considering selling them on etsy. What do you think?  and more importantly how much would you pay for a set?

Leave me a comment :) Please???

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Stash - Pretty Teacup - Another afternoon of stitching...

Today the toddlers went off to child-care :) (YAY) and here are my 3 lil excited monsters all ready to head off to school...  Note we colour coded the twins to make life easier for their teacher today :)

After dropping them all off we headed to the bus stop and caught the Translink connecting bus from Laidley to Rosewood - and then the train to Ipswich.  Purpose of the day - Just to explore what shops and facilities were in our transport reach....

We discovered quite quickly that there are no shops in Ipswich central where the transit hub is but after a quick explore we discovered a pathway that led us across the river to a shopping centre called RiverLink.

The Brener river is a bit polluted and disgusting to look at... but the council and the shopping centre have tried to glam it up a bit....

Anyway - once inside the shopping centre we set about the lovely task of shopping :)

In KMART this yarn just jumped off the shelf and into my basket....

Its called Zoomy by Panda... and is a nylon and wool mix.  Its very soft and comes in 100g balls.  Best bit was the price tag - $1.50 a skein.  This is all that was left on the shelf... not sure what I am going to make with it (suggestions welcome) But hey at that price I could not leave it there.  The bottom 5 skeins are more a blue than the grey the picture is making them appear.

All in all we had a wonderful day and I can't wait to go have another look in a couple of weeks time :) 

As promised here is a shot of the very pretty tea cup that I purchased at the charity shop last week. 


I paid a whole 50 cents for it :) What a bargain!!!

It was made in Romania and has a mark on the bottom - Anyone know if this is something special??  (yes I have been watching antiques roadshow way too much!!!) here I am in the charity store turning every teacup upside down to see if it has any marks :) 

Lastly - Yesterday afternoon I just had one of those afternoons when I had the opportunity to sit and stitch.  The kids were all busy playing happily amoungst themselves so I figured why shouldn't I stitch!!  So without further ado here is the progress I made on Aurora Cabin.

Notice I just had to find another colour - LOL :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aurora Cabin update and bits...

I've had so much going on in my personal life that I have not really had a chance to make much progress on my Aurora cabin piece.  Last week I was sitting under the naughty chair in my 2010 SAL group because I had not stitched a single stitch in the week that had passed.

Last night I managed to sit for around 2 hours and added some more visible progress :) Thanks once again to half stitches and large areas of colour.  I was sick of stitching with just the Navy so started with a few threads of the deep dark purple...

My goal for next week - at least 1 strand stitched each night - I need to learn to unwind each night as I have been getting lots of migraines and I suspect lack of relaxation to be the key reason why...?

I'm finally living in a town that has second hand and charity stores :) So I have been popping in there to see what treasures I can find.  I purchased a lovely teacup and saucer - I will have to remember to take a photo and share.

I had to take miss 10 to the dentist in Rosewood on Friday - a 30 min bus ride (both ways) to be told that the crack that we thought was in her tooth was actually the baby tooth sitting on top of the adult tooth... and needs some help to get it loose and out of her mouth.  So she now has permission to sit and wiggle her teeth - gross :(

Whilst in Rosewood I purchased a couple of balls of crochet cotton - I have great plans to turn them into a centrepiece for our new dining room table - which is round and wooden.  I can't seem to find any suitable patterns that is to my taste or skill level so if anyone has any suggestions - feel free to leave me a message. 

Otherwise I think I could have just the pattern but it is still in the stuff I mailed to myself when I was leaving Exmouth which means its in Ballarat Victoria at my best friends house.  I am slowly going to have to get her to mail it to me :)  The problem with that is that I am unsure if I saved the book that had the pattern I had in mind?

Anyway - Last week I managed to secure childcare places for the 3 toddlers for Mondays and Thursdays.  I am looking forward to having some ME time... catching up on sleep is high on my list of priorities as is craft and the housework can wait :)


Here is the inside of my jar - you can see a strand of pink wool that came with the Aurora cabin cross stitch kit to help sort the bundles of floss...

Lots of blue orts from Aurora Cabin.

Some black from where I was gridding Aurora Cabin.

Some white from a dishcloth that I started knitting but then pulled it apart as I dropped a stitch!!

Here is a photo of my new 2010 jar... lets see how much I can fill it in a month :)

If you are interested in joining the TUSAL endevour - please click the button in my sidebar!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Aurora Cabin - after 4 hours

Just a quick update with the progress I managed yesterday afternoon... It was raining thanks to a thunderstorm and the kids were engrossed in cartoons (thankyou ABC2).... I am almost finished with the navy in this section... woooo hooo :) Yes I am ready to change colours - LOL - Downfall of stitching large areas of colour I guess.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Aurora Cabin - after 2 hours

Last night I was able to sit and stitch solidly for 2 hours... and this is the results. I am quite pleased with my start... admittedly I think I only achieved this much in such a small time frame since it was a large block of colour and half stitches with 6 strands....
I'm impatient for the toddlers to go to bed so that I can once again pick this up and stitch :)
Wooooo Hooooooo my MOJO appears to be back :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009 and 2010 Goals

Wishing you all a safe new year 2010.

Goodbye 2009 - The year that was 2009 has to go down in history as the worst year of my life!!! I have shared with you snippets of that year but in reality its been a whole lot worse - I guess I have glammed it up a tad so that my blog wasn't all doom, gloom and misery!


I am not going to dwell on 2009 - I am going to take the positive step and move forward...embrace 2010 and do something that I normally don't do - Set myself some goals...

Firstly on a personal level...

  • Get my physical health under control. Inclusive to lose weight to take some of the pressure off my body...which at this stage is protesting loudly!!!
  • Be a better home-maker. Inclusive of housework, home decorating, mother etc
  • Do crafts everyday and not feel guilty about it.
  • Focus on the important things in my life and not dwell on the past, or what could have been?
  • Do some form of "mental stimulation" each day to keep my brain active. Even if this is something as simple as doing the puzzles in the weekly magazines THAT'S LIFE and TAKE 5 which have puzzles for prizes....
  • Do some soul searching and find the true person within? Look at my faults and weakness's and accept them.

On a Craft level

  • Start the "Aurora Cabin" cross-stitch kit that I received as a present from my family for mothers day 2009. I know that I will achieve this first goal as I have joined a weekly SAL here and Aurora Cabin is my nominated piece to stitch on each week. I hope to do at least 100 stitches on this each week... Last night after gridding I roughly calculated that there is over 46800 stitches in this piece. (this was calculated on the whole 10x10 squares in the piece but not counting the squares that had only a few stitches - does that make sense?)
  • Work on my other UFO's or WIP's not sure what to call them... Started I have "Friendship" , "Seaside Treasures", "Teddy Bear House Rules" and "House Mouse Sew busy"
  • Crochet some things for the house. Many years ago I was in conversation with a penpal whom I had never met and she made this comment " I can't wait to come visit you and see all the wonderful things that you have made" Sadly when I look around my house I see little evidence of my crochet. I have either always sold it or given it away. Right this second I can see a coaster... NO not a set - just one lonely coaster!! Sad :(