Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick Thanks

Hello everyone...

A very QUICK thankyou to everyone for the comments, support and advice from my last post.

After listening to you all I decided to tackle that back and not let it get me down... so I cut straight across the ruined bit - unravelled a few rows - picked all of the stitches back up and onto the needles.... and have since knitted the entire ruined piece again and have cast off...

I am now working on the front again - about to insert the pocket...

I figured that if I get to the sleeves and it doesn't look like I will have enough yarn I will just use a different colour and no one will be none the wiser that it wasn't meant to be like that?  Other than blogland of course :)

Today I did try to source a ball of the pink elsewhere but it is all gone.   Unfortunately I don't have a label so I can't share what I am looking for :(

Anyway - thanks again for the advice and motivation to save my daughters cardigan.

Hugs xxxx

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Trials and tribulations....

Hi everyone...

I've been feeling a bit BLAH of late - so figured that I wouldn't inflict my bad mood onto you all.

Lots of things have been happening..and I won't go into it all....  My dad is once again sick and went under the knife again yesterday - I don't know what happened yet as mum had to wait till today to talk to the doctor..

 I celebrated my 39th birthday on Feb 25th...  I received lots of nice cross stitch stash, a $25 voucher to spend at colours down under and my family took me on a shopping spree to spotlight where I was told to buy whatever I wanted.  I purchased this pattern booklet... (sorry you are going to have to turn your head to view as I just realised I forgot to fix the photos before I uploaded them....)

A couple of other pattern leaflets that I have not taken photos of... a circular knitting needle, a stitch holder and couldn't find any suitable yarn so ended up buying some elsewhere...

I started to knit this cardigan....

For my 2.5 year old daughter Xanthe..

It was really going well - Knitting was really helping with my mood and stress levels and for the first time ever I was enjoying myself - I guess with knitting its practice and confidence that improves speed and neatness of stitching?

I completed the back after having to pull it back to the armhole (miss read the pattern) and I laid it all out on the table Saturday night so that I could take photos to share with you...

I went to bed around 2am leaving everything all laid out on the table where I was photographing it...

Needless to say I woke up Sunday morning to disaster :(  I'm heartbroken. (One of the toddlers and I suspect miss 2.5 as she is the one that gets all coy and guilty looking when its mentioned.) 

 Anyway...someone with little fingers cut the finished back into a thousand pieces with scissors.  I should just be grateful I guess that they didn't hurt themselves or someone else with my scissors??

I suspect that it can rescued to by attempting to unravel it to the armhole and once again knitting that bit - 3rd time lucky? But I am unsure if I will have enough yarn...  the pattern states you need 300g for sizes 4-10 I was knitting size 4 so I am presuming I would have yarn left over but would I have enough to redo this piece of the back??  What do you guys think??  Opinions needed please!!!?

I went to the little shop where I purchased the pink and couldn't get another ball - so will see if I can source it from the other shops in the area of the same chain... if not what should I do? Take a risk on it?  Unravel it and use the yarn for something else?  At the moment it is in the too hard basket!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Hubby created this painting the other day - we have just listed it in my etsy shop for sale.  If you are interested HERE is the LINK to the shop.

I think its awesome and its a reflection of hubbys love of severe weather, thunderstorms and his fascination to capture lightning in photos.   What do you think?  Comments welcome.