Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

It's New Years eve 2011 and it's a time to reflect on the year that has almost ended and think about the coming year and contemplate what things we would like to change and what we would like to happen.

I have been doing quite a lot Of thinking these past few days and have decided on a few things that I need to do for me in 2012. Things that will hopefully make me a better person and learn to appreciate what we have.

We know that 2012 is definitely going to be a year of changes for us. Andre was told 3 days prior to Christmas that they would not be renewing his contract. So that means a move is definately on the horizon for us, to where - that is the question but I am sure that we will figure it out? One of my resolutions is to just be grateful that he has a job until May 29th.

I really need to stop worrying about it so much it's doing my head in !!!

Next I have decided that I really need to blog more. To come chat about my thoughts and feelings, and also share my craft projects. I have just discovered that I can blog from my iPod ( and this post is a trial post from posting from my iPod )it's a tad painful but it can be done and therefore makes blogging more accessible.

Next I need to overcome this feeling I constantly have that I never get a chance to relax or do my crafts and the only way to overcome this is literally to make time.

Here are a few things that I hope to achieve in 2012.

1. Finish Seaside Treasures ... Which is currently at around 50% completion.

2. Finish the baby blanket for my sisters baby girl whom is due within the next 6 weeks. So this is a bit of a priority and I will share a photo soon promise.

3. Finish the blanket I started at the beginning of last winter for Micayla.

4. Finish the blanket I started for our bed.

5. Find the mistake in Aurora Cabin and keep working on it.

6. Start whatever takes my fancy and makes me happy.

Lastly I have decided that I really need to do something about my weight. Hmmm I know you all have heard this before and this time I am determined to put the effort needed in. I have joined Michelle Bridges 12week body challenge. 12 weeks of intensive diet and exercise. I am looking forward to the mindset lessons so that I can learn to think about food correctly. After all I choose what to put in my mouth. If anyone is interested in finding out more about the program you can read about it at I will most probably start a separate blog so that I can record my journey and not bore you all the process but I will post the link here just in case you want to come cheer me on.

Anyway... That's for reading thus far and I hope that you all have a safe start to 2012 and that in 2012 your dreams come true.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just thought I would pop in and say *Merry Christmas* to all of my friends in blog-land.  As I am unsure if I will get a chance to come say it again before the *big* day as I am working every day between now and then and even on the big day!  Certainly has been a busy time of year!

I am all finished with my present shopping and am going food shopping later tonight.  I won't be going overboard as its just us.

How are you all? Organised or still rushing around madly?

Andre just popped home at lunch time today and presented me with the above flowers (complete with a bottle of my favourite alcohol - Tia Maria) - I am a lucky lady.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

long lost hello?

Hello dear readers.

Firstly, I want to say *hello* to everyone that popped in and left me a comment over the last few months or whom sent me an email - even if I didn't respond to all of them - I did read them and I did appreciate them.  Its a wonderful feeling to know that when you are feeling really down that somewhere, some place, someone is thinking of you.

I know that I could have came and spoken to you, told you how I was feeling but I needed to battle through my thoughts and emotions myself...  and in no way, shape or form am I over how I was feeling... its time to come say *hello* and move forward.?

I am really struggling to find the words to express to you what's running through my head...  This tremendous overwhelming struggle of mixed emotions...but I am going to try - even if it makes little to no sense?

If you have been my friend or been reading my blog for a long time you will already know that over the past few years we have moved several times.  Sometimes across the country to follow work for my husband, or this year because the house we were living in sold and we needed to find another rental.  In all of the towns that we have lived in, I have only ever felt settled in a couple of the communities.

Ironically Biloela is one of the communities that I have started to feel settled in.  I am enjoying life here but we are living on borrowed time...  My husband's work contract ends in  May 2012 and the time for his employer to indicate if they wish to renew this contract or not is fast approaching.  He has a *gut* feeling that his contract will not be renewed and they have indicated as much to him without actually saying it.

He has been applying for jobs elsewhere for the past month or 2, and in that time has had a few interviews, without any success as yet. He has backed himself into a corner career wise - having specialised in one particular area and jobs to apply for are few and far between.  We are just hoping that something will come up and he will be successful - but that will also mean another relocation for us.

We know that if he can't find another job that we can't say in this town after his contract expires as I do not earn enough to support us.  :(

We have been trying to save for a removal to??  Quite simply I am not sure that I could go through the emotional baggage associated with selling everything and starting over again.  (if you are unsure what I am talking about read my posts from around OCT 2009 - where we made the big decision when we left Western Australia to sell all of our possessions and start over) as I feel that I am still to this day over 2 years later recovering from this trauma emotionally.

So we are both on an emotional roller coaster of sorts - Meantime life goes on at an amazingly fast rate.

I have been doing a little bit of crafting and I will try to take some photos and upload soon.  I think I need to make a promise to both of us to chat to you more often.  Thanks for reading / listening :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Some Crafting...

I'm feeling poorly today.. Our youngest daughter Xanthe had a gastro bug on Thursday... Eamonn and I came down with it on Friday night.  I've literally been asleep ever since... I slept approximately 36 hours straight, only making it out of bed today for a few hours as I knew I needed to rehydrate and start to try to get on with it.

Whilst I was looking after Xanthe on Thursday I was sitting next to her on the couch, crochet hook in hand very very busy.  I left my scissors in my jeans pocket and this is the end result after they had been through the washing machine :(  Ooops.

I found the group *one a day* on Ravelry - search for it - its easy to find.  The ideal behind it is that you create one motif or do a set number of rows every day to put towards a bigger project...  Do you remember this motif that I shared with you earlier in the year? 

 Well this is going to be my one a day project... as I had only ever completed 5.5 squares....

I decided to join the 4 squares and edge them in blue....

 and then join the bigger squares together..

I'm loving the way that this is looking...

I am pleased that I achieved more than my "one a day" on Thursday as I could never have predicted that I would get ill and not be able to summon the energy to raise a hook.

Stay tuned for progress reports.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home Made Pizza Pockets

I received an email from PRAIRIE ROSE whom sent me some links to some yummy recipes :)  One of which was the recipe for Homemade Hot Pockets.

As they looked like something that we would LOVE I decided to make them with pizza sauce and meat/cheese and mushrooms.  So they in fact turned into Pizza Pockets.

 Here are some of the finished products - not as brown as I would have liked but my oven burns the bottoms of everything so I rescued them.

Kids didn't mind and they were all gone in a flash :)  Very yummy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recipe anyone?

HI Everyone..

I am sick and tired of all the processed *expensive* junk food that the supermarket sells that ends up in my children's lunchboxes... 

So... I need your help?

I'm looking for any recipes for treats that can be included in lunchboxes and for after school snacks etc.

Cupcakes, biscuits, cookies? 

I promise to post lots of photos of my attempts :) and let you know if your recipe is a winner with my family.

Please email me ( all of your favourites or leave me comment with a link to a blogpost or recipe online.


Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello Everyone..

Sorry its been quite a few weeks between blog posts - Thank you to every one of you that cared enough to drop me an email or Ravelry message and say hi - all of your thoughts and well wishes have meant the world to me.

The "doldrums" have lasted longer than they should but we are hopefully moving in a more positive direction... We are certainly at a cross roads and have about 4 weeks until we will know which road is the correct path to take - sorry to be so cryptic but I guess I have no real answers until the time comes.

I got a good mark for my last Uni assignment which dragged my overall grade up so that made me happy.

I am struggling with my current Uni subjects - but who said that study was supposed to be easy?

The new job is working out well - I was told last night by the boss that I have proved to be a "godsend"and the money is certainly coming in handy.  I am probably working more than I would want as it is eating valuable family and study and crafting time.

On a Craft note - not much to report other than a quick scarf I made Andre before he left to visit his mum in Victoria.

Anyway = best run - have to start work in 10 mins... talk to you sooooooon xxxxxxxxx

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi-ya everyone...   This post is going to be a bit of a whinge :(  So I really understand if you choose not to read this.  :)

I wonder if blogger will let me post tonight?  It *ate* the post that I have been trying to upload for the past few days... sigh.

Anyway - a new post and I will redo the other post sooner or later - just hoping it will magically reappear?

At the moment the above 4 words describe how I am feeling.





Its been a very busy week - I have had training for my new work position and so far I am LOVING IT.  Today was my first full shift and I guess thats where the tired comes into it.. though it is not physically hard or challenging work like my other job was.  I used to come home from my night job physically exhausted - covered in bruises and aching from head to toe for days after a shift - am I missing it - NO - am I missing my work mates - YES.  Guess I will have to see if I can meet up with them sometime socially. 

Normally on a Friday night - I would be at the above mentioned job... so I am not used to being here on Friday nights.

Tonight Andre has a work function in Rockhampton - a 180km drive away.  I'm worried about him driving home :(  Lots ot roos on the roads so I hope they do not leave it too late.

I just can't seem to be able to find something to take my mind off the fact that I am here alone with the kids.  I'm not scared as the town in which we live is a *safe* town... one of those rare towns where people do not lock the doors or cars... (but we still do out of force of habit)... I guess the correct word to describe how I am feeling would be restless?  Unable to concentrate or find something to occupy myself ...

Its not like I don't have a thousand things I could be doing... my crochet projects... my cross stitch... a letter to a friend perhaps?  I still need to delete 50 odd words out of my assignment before I can lodge it... and the list goes on and on...

I might go flick through the tv options again in case something captures my interest.... ?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just a VERY quick message :)  The job I applied for yesterday is MINE all MINE :)  I applied in person yesterday and had an informal interview there and then which I was not mentally ready for - nor dressed for ( I was wearing Jeans, Ugg Boots and a skivvy) but this morning I missed a phone call and when I returned the call I got the good news - the job is MINE :)

It is at the Service Station next door...(so I have an extremely LONG commute to work - LOL) its 3 days one week - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and 2 days the Next week Sunday, Monday. 5.75hour shifts and shifts are 5am till 10am.... 10am till 3pm and 3pm till 8 pm. Its not physical work - SO I will not be tired, sore and cranky and although I will be away from the kids and Andre on weekends... its not a LONG shift. And the hours are permanent but pay rate is casual!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

week 3

Jumped on the scales this morning to discover I had lost - left me feeling totally surprised?  As I had a pretty bad week food wise and blew the diet on at least 3 occassions.  Am wondering if the scales were mucking up last week?  Who knows!  I will accept the loss...  :) and my clothes are still fitting better :) Sitting here wearing jeans I could not get done up a week or so ago :) YAY

Current weight is 109.4kg - total loss 3kg.

Sorry not much updating on the craft side - I have the last assignment for my current University subject due soon and I am literally pulling my hair out! 

Have also applied for another job - it will be a guaranteed 25hour fortnight - no nights.  So I am hopeful I get that :) ?  Working nights has really been affecting  my family time and my studying... leaving me tired and cranky and I am left wondering if it is worth it!!  ??

Monday, May 9, 2011


Weigh in morning - I expected to have lost heaps this week as I have been working hard - but alas I have gained?  Back to being 111.4kg so a gain of 1.7kg

I will be extra careful with portion sizings and tracking this week and take fruit as a snack at work.  One night I bought a chocolate (but I counted it so?)

Lets see what this week brings - My clothes are fitting better so who knows?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day - 2011

Its Mothers Day in Australia so I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the wonderful mums in the world - Happy Mothers Day.

So far I have had a wonderful mothers day :)

My children let me sleep in until 11ish - then they brought me in 4 lovely cards that they made me at school, and an assortment of presents:

  • A charm type bracelet
  • A box of stationery
  • A napkin holder with a cute cow on it (that I am going to use as a letter holder)
  • A Robbie Williams CD
  • A Voucher for the hairdressers for a pamper treatment, massage and blow dry
So I am feeling spoilt :)

Andre then cooked me a lovely brunch of bacon and eggs on the BBQ and we sat outside as a family and ate.  Andre and Micayla have roast beef in the slowcooker for our dinner tonight (with my instruction as to how to cook it and what to add) and we will also have mashed potatoes, carrots and beans (that one of them will cook with my instruction no doubt).

My eldest son (whom is almost 21) phoned me...which was a lovely surprise as this is the first year that he has bothered since he has been not living with us...(left our care in 2001) -  this year it also meant so much more to me for reasons best left unsaid, but I am so proud of him that he is finally attempting to get his life on track.

Apparently I also have a Mothers Day card enroute too - He said it will be a nice surprise even though he just spoilt the surprise :)

I have 7 children that I have given birth to and 2 step children.  I don't expect to hear from my step children as they are only small (age 10 and 8) and I am not their REAL mum...

So at this stage I am left wondering if my other 2 children will contact me?

I doubt that my 2nd eldest son will - he is 19 and I have not spoken to him for years... :(  He will always be my son and I will be here waiting for him when he decides he needs his mum.  Although we do move heaps he has no excuse as he can get my phone number or address from my parents, his older brother or he could message me on facebook.

So that leaves my 17year old daughter...  ????  Guess she has until midnight until I am once again hurt and disappointed in her.  (I will edit this if she does contact me by some miracle)

Oh well I know that 5 of my 7 children love and appreciate me so I guess thats not a bad average :)  Off to cuddle up to my husband on the couch , watch football and crochet a bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

weigh in - week one

As someone that has previously followed the weight watchers plan - I know that if you follow the plan and stay within the points they allocate you then you will lose weight.  

I have found the new propoints plan to be confusing - thank goodness for the computer and the online tools that enable you to calculate points value at a glance - sometimes before eating - sometimes after.

Propoints gives you a daily allowance - a weekly allowance - and an exercise bonus.

To be honest I didn't really change my eating habits much -  Due to special occasions we ate out twice and had pizza one night for dinner.   I guess the difference is that I was aware of potion sizings, and making better choices from the menu.

I also started walking the kids to and from school which works out to be 20 - 30 mins of exercise per day.  At the old house we lived directly across the road from the school so the kids walked out the front door and across the highway with the help of the lollipop ladies.  Now we live 3 blocks away with some busy streets to cross.

Andre and I also went for a walk one night - 30 mins just around the neighbourhood which was great and I would like to do every night but I understand it may not get the opportunity to happen so I guess I should regard this as a bonus.

I need to get my wii fit plus disc polished so that I can use it daily to exercise and I am thinking I might have to walk lengths of our yard or something to get the heart rate up?  The littlest princess is too big for a pram or stroller so I can't just pop her in and go for a walk.

Anyway - I am pleased with my week and also with the results - as it is heading in the right direction - down.

So to share with you all....  this week I weigh in at 109.7kg which is a loss of 2.7kg :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

weight loss - gulp

Over the past few months I have noticed that my clothes are snugger than normal and I really should go up a size or 2 :(  I have weighed myself on the Nintendo Wii (using the wii balance board and wii fit program)  a few times and thought to myself - hmmm I really should do somthing about that?  Join weight watchers again?? but did nothing and continued to eat my way fatter...

I weighed myself on the wii this morning - GULP my BMI was 37.56 and my weight was 112.4kg!!!

My ideal weight for height is somewhere in the range between 65kg and 75kg.  As I am tall - 5ft 8"or 1.73M

So I thought about it for about an hour and took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  The reason I chose to do the Weight Watchers Online is that it works out to be cheaper per month than attending meetings (by $30 a month) and also if I get called into work I can't attend the meetings on the Monday nights anyway.

I have decided to use my blog to keep myself accountable so to speak. 

Now just to figure out where I can squeeze exercise into my already jam packed life? 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New digs - New crochet project

Hi everyone...

Here I am (well this was taken yesterday afternoon) -  I would consider us 75% unpacked ?  We just need to come up with some storage solutions for things like my craft stash (as this house doesn't have built in wardrobes to hide things in)

Andre bought me this wicker basket to put some of my stash in next to the couch...
Peek a boo - what do I spy?  The beginnings of the Under the Sea rug for us with the stash I bought the other day...
Without further adou this is the pattern that I decided to use.  It is called Thoroughly modern Granny and was published by Annies Attic many years ago... (too lazy to get up and check) but it was a part of the pattern quilt club collection.  Years ago I was sent a photocopied version (naughty) and when we left Exmouth it went to the tip with lots of other papers...  but thanks to ebay I finally tracked it down again and purchased it in March... it took 2 weeks to arrive from the US but it was worth the wait as I finally have the pattern again (and before you ask I could not remember for the life of me how to do the loops on the corners without the pattern- LOL ) - it is simple but effective and I just love the way it works out.
Please excuse the ends as I just wanted to take some photos and share with you :)
I am especially loving the way that these 2 colours are working together and am debating whether to go back to BIG W and purchase more of these colours?  and just make the whole rug in these colours ... or if I should do blocks of 4 with 2 colour combinations and then put them together.  So many ideas running through my head - decisions decisions :)

What do you think ??

Monday, April 4, 2011

Positive things...

Firstly today I would like to wish my twin sons Liam and Eamonn a very happy 5th Birthday :)  Its hard to believe that we have reached this milestone! They started *big school* in January and are no longer babies.

We have found a new home and will be moving on April 15th - its virtually down 2 blocks and round the corner from where we are living now - so still an easy walk to the children's school and also to the shops - cheaper rent by $100 a week which should enable us to save some $$ for future more positive plans.

I started packing - oh how I hate packing - but one of the first things I decided to pack was my beloved stash :)  I decided to look on it as a postive and rediscover what I had :)  I feel blessed that I now have a stash as when we left Exmouth in October 2009 I sold my stash in a garage sale so I have rebuilt in the last year and a bit...  I should have taken photos to share...but forgot (forgive me) perhaps when I am unpacking it I will remember?  

Andre is always a good stash enabler... often purchasing stash for me or encouraging me to purchase when we are in a shop that sells yarn.  I received several balls of yarn as part of my birthday gift.. and today when we went into Gladstone shopping to purchase the boys a Birthday gift.  Andre and I ended up in the yarn section.  On discovering that the 100G acrylic was on sale for $2.57 ( I also receive a 5% staff discount on all purchases in BIG W) so we ended up buying 14 balls of yarn so I can make us a cover for our bed.  I have a pattern in mind and I will share it once I unpack and get started :)  One good thing about purchasing yarn at BIG W - if I need more they always have the same colours in stock.

 We decided on the colours of the sea...  which will match our existing Linen...

Here is a photo of the blanket that I have started for Miss Micayla's bed...    I found this yarn when I was packng my stash. When I saw it I remembered I purchased it at the end of last winter on clearance for $1 (plus a percent off due to some sale that was on at the time - but I remember it scanned as less than a $1 a ball - total bargain)

 This is more the true colours of the varigated yarn...

It is working up reasonally fast and this is still the 2nd ball so the pattern is not a yarn hungry one :)  Hopefully a happy dance will follow soon as I really want to play with my new stash :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reality that bites....(having a bit of a whinge)

Its really hard to believe that we have been home for four weeks!  Four WHOLE weeks... filled with reality!!

Reality is a place that I really don't want to be right now...  I would much rather be sitting at the Lagoon in Airlie Beach, or anywhere but here really...

We always knew that we would have to return home with a bit of a bump but the reality of it??

The property that we are currently living in (renting) sold at the end of January and the change-over of owners happened relatively smoothly without us really even knowing much about it (always a good thing) one day the for sale sign had SOLD on it then it magically disappeared... and for that I am grateful as it has been nice to have quiet enjoyment of the property and not have to have the constant worry for prospective buyers traipsing through.   I am guessing we have had approximately 50 people view the property whilst we lived here before it eventually sold!  We were told when the property went under contract that the owners would want to take possession at the end of our lease... (which ends May 29) so we were not worried as this meant we had a few months to think about moving and gradually ease our minds into it and find somewhere new.

WRONG - the new owners would like to break our lease and we are being pressured to find a new property and move.  As there are only 2 real estates in town it is certainly in our best interests to comply - but it has left me resentful?  Not sure if thats the right word...?

Rather than wallow anymore we have decided to be pro-active about it...  life moves on at an alarming rate.  So today we are viewing 2 of the  rental properties that are currently available in our town and hopefully we will find our new home.

Anyone want to volunteer to come over and help me with the packing and cleaning?

I am anticipating we will be in our new house within 2 weeks....

Next on the agenda is the health of loved ones.  My mother in law is battling breast cancer and  received the results from her operation to state that she has a grade 3 aggressive form of cancer and will have to undergo Chemo and Radio therapy.  She is in a state of shock and so is my husband.   She has already started her treatments and is in good spirits ( or is pretending to be to us) and is determined to fight! This lady has already battled so much in her life....  she was not expected to live past age 8 due to a very rare heart condition.

My dad recently had another operation to strip cancerous tumours from his bowel... the specialist has once again said its an ongoing thing and he will be ok again until the next time... he has a few secondary health issues at the moment which are giving him more grief than the cancer!

On a more positive note...

I started my University Studies on March 3rd... and have dropped one subject already as I figured it was a subject that I have previously studied something similar so am attempting to get a credit recognition for prior learning.  If they won't do RPL then I will pick it up next year...  So I am just studying one subject this semester - Introduction to Environmental Health - its fascinating but extremely full on :)  I am getting alot from this subject and am  currently working on air quality and pollution levels.

I started back at work last week... and so far my ankle is behaving itself.

I have started on a crochet blanket for Micayla... but I will save sharing that till tomorrow.  This has been a text orintated heavy post and I need to go hang the washing on the line and then get stuck into my readings :)

Hopefully tomorrow I can share news about our new home too.

hugs to all that need them :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holiday Mode

Wooo Hoo... we have finally made it for our long awaited holidays.  We are staying in Airlie Beach in North Queensland Australia.  We are spending a week here (children free) to celebrate my 40th Birthday which is Friday 25th :)

I will just share the view from where I am sitting on the balcony of our holiday accomadation - I think it is simply stunning.

Airlie Beach itself is simply stunning...  (full stop) and I think I have added another destination to the we could retire easily here list.

You can not swim at the beaches here due to the stingers in the water - but they have created a man made lagoon.

Our plans for today are to go for a swim here.

So with that thought in mind I am heading to go get ready - wish you were here :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What do you do when you look at the calender and realise that 3 important birthdays are on the immediate horizion?  You get yourself motivated despite the humidity and hot weather and concentrate on getting some gifts done :)  I think I have been successful :)  These will be divided between 2 of the birthdays.  I will be getting it all in the mail tomorrow even though the birthdays have passed - they understand that I am a tad late.  That gives me 24 hours to complete the next gift so I mail 3 presents tomorrow :) 

A  scarf for my best friend Brooke....using this pattern

 I love the way this pattern worked out and how the colours blended.

 A "sunflower"cloth for my best friend Brooke.

 A "rose"cloth for my mother in law

A dishcloth for my mother in law

Some coasters for my mother in law

Another dishcloth for my mother in law
 I love the way this pattern works up :)

 These coasters are for the gift box - they won't be used as a part of the next gift as I have already gifted my mum a set of coasters.

Now I really have to get back to work on my mums gift :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Just realised that the new moon has been and gone and I didn't update - so here is a very late photo of my TUSAL

Friday, February 4, 2011

Where to start?

Hi everyone...

Thankyou to everyone that has sent me an email to ask if I am ok re: floods and cyclones that have been devastating the state of Queensland Australia where I live. 

The events that have surrounded these last few weeks have been mind-numbingly devastating, and the emotions that surround how I feel about the whole thing are hard to come to terms with.  I have cried many tears for the residents of Toowoomba and the Locker Valley – as you know we moved here from Laidley and if we had of still lived there we would have been evacuated.  As it is, Biloela had no more than some flash flooding that went through our yard, but we have been surrounded by floodwaters and cut off from everything twice now.  

Our supermarket shelves are only just starting to recover...It has taught us a valuable lesson about consumerism and waste.  The people of this town are selfish and greedy.  I still can’t believe that they were fighting over things like bread and milk and over-purchasing because they thought that they would miss out.

Before all of this happened I had already started researching how to live more frugally especially in regards to our food consumption as we want to start saving money.

Anyway – when I look at it, it is kinda ironic that I had already started researching this and putting methods and things into place.  We purchased an upright freezer and we now freeze all leftover food, bread into portions to eliminate waste, I chop up the vegetables when they are purchased and freeze them into meal sized portions so all I have to do is pop them into the boiling water.  This not only saves me time in the evenings but it is saving us money on waste too.  The leftovers go into 2 types – meat from BBQ’s get reused into slow-cooker meals… and things like pasta or spag bol go into containers so Andre can just zap them in the microwave if I get called into work early and don’t get the chance to cook – thus eliminating costly take-aways.

All of these practices have meant that when everyone else was at the supermarket panic-purchasing… we had enough food in the house to last us AT LEAST 7 days…

It’s so hot and humid here tonight, Part and parcel of living in Queensland I guess…The air conditioning in our house is not working at the moment – hasn’t done since before Christmas and the real estate finally sent someone out to look at it last week but it’s still not fixed… sigh... they have to order parts and ?? Whom knows when it will be fixed.

Having no working air con has meant that it has been almost impossible to work on any type of craft :(  So nothing much to report from there...

Last week at work I re-injured an *old* injury and it has left me on crutches...  I have 2 tears in my peroneal tendon in my ankle - they have been there since May 2008 - so I am used to dealing with the associated pain and swelling... probably a little too much.  Last week at work we were virtually running for the whole 6.5 hours and at some stage I must have injured it – not that I noticed as it wasn’t overly sore (if that makes sense?)  I only know that I re-hurt it because when I took my boot off it went *puff*

I went to the doctors and he told me he could do nothing so he referred me to the hospital in Rockhampton which is 180km North of here… Andre pulled the kids out of school and off we went – they took a look at it – did an xray and send me home with crutches and a bandage ( It is supposed to be in plaster but I can’t have plaster as I have a past history of DVT (blood clots) ) – I have to go back over to Rockhampton on Monday to have an ultra sound and from there I will have to go see an orthopaedic sports medicine doctor and eventually I will have to have an operation to sew the tears together.  The health system here is pretty appalling so I do not hold my breath that this will be fixed any time soon.

Meantime being on crutches is driving me NUTS and I am impatient for the swelling to go down – as once it does I know that I will return to work – why?  We need the money,  as it is without me working we are now going to really struggle... and it also goes back to the original reason why we were trying to save in the first place but I think that is another tale for another day...