Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Its the first NEW MOON of the NEW YEAR so without further ado here is my TUSAL jar for 2011

I decided to use the same jar as last year and emptied last years efforts :)

If anyone is interested in joining the TUSAL - feel free to go HERE and join in the fun or you can click on the link in my sidebar.

My TUSAL jar this year contains bits of my Geisha piece where I was frogging the other afternoon... and some blue from Aurora Cabin that I have picked back up - more on that in a minute.

Have fun xxx


Carol's Stitching said...

Hi Chars! Hopefully you won't be adding much more ORTS to that jar from frogging! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your stitching projects and thanks so stopping by my blog.

Esther said...

Hi Chars, hope you're not affected by the terrible floods in QL - not sure where you are located now. Have a happy and healthy 2011 xx

Florrie said...

Hi Chars,

Thanks for the link, I'll go and have a peek and see what's involved.

Hope you're well,

florrie x

Prairie Rose said...

Happy New year!
What a neat idea!

Daffycat said...

I like your ORT jar! Thanks for joining my SAL!

Measi said...

Hooray! Another TUSAL stitcher with a lidded jar! Best of luck with your stitching this year. :)

Bev said...

frogging *shudders* i feel your pain, least you have a jar lol