Friday, February 4, 2011

Where to start?

Hi everyone...

Thankyou to everyone that has sent me an email to ask if I am ok re: floods and cyclones that have been devastating the state of Queensland Australia where I live. 

The events that have surrounded these last few weeks have been mind-numbingly devastating, and the emotions that surround how I feel about the whole thing are hard to come to terms with.  I have cried many tears for the residents of Toowoomba and the Locker Valley – as you know we moved here from Laidley and if we had of still lived there we would have been evacuated.  As it is, Biloela had no more than some flash flooding that went through our yard, but we have been surrounded by floodwaters and cut off from everything twice now.  

Our supermarket shelves are only just starting to recover...It has taught us a valuable lesson about consumerism and waste.  The people of this town are selfish and greedy.  I still can’t believe that they were fighting over things like bread and milk and over-purchasing because they thought that they would miss out.

Before all of this happened I had already started researching how to live more frugally especially in regards to our food consumption as we want to start saving money.

Anyway – when I look at it, it is kinda ironic that I had already started researching this and putting methods and things into place.  We purchased an upright freezer and we now freeze all leftover food, bread into portions to eliminate waste, I chop up the vegetables when they are purchased and freeze them into meal sized portions so all I have to do is pop them into the boiling water.  This not only saves me time in the evenings but it is saving us money on waste too.  The leftovers go into 2 types – meat from BBQ’s get reused into slow-cooker meals… and things like pasta or spag bol go into containers so Andre can just zap them in the microwave if I get called into work early and don’t get the chance to cook – thus eliminating costly take-aways.

All of these practices have meant that when everyone else was at the supermarket panic-purchasing… we had enough food in the house to last us AT LEAST 7 days…

It’s so hot and humid here tonight, Part and parcel of living in Queensland I guess…The air conditioning in our house is not working at the moment – hasn’t done since before Christmas and the real estate finally sent someone out to look at it last week but it’s still not fixed… sigh... they have to order parts and ?? Whom knows when it will be fixed.

Having no working air con has meant that it has been almost impossible to work on any type of craft :(  So nothing much to report from there...

Last week at work I re-injured an *old* injury and it has left me on crutches...  I have 2 tears in my peroneal tendon in my ankle - they have been there since May 2008 - so I am used to dealing with the associated pain and swelling... probably a little too much.  Last week at work we were virtually running for the whole 6.5 hours and at some stage I must have injured it – not that I noticed as it wasn’t overly sore (if that makes sense?)  I only know that I re-hurt it because when I took my boot off it went *puff*

I went to the doctors and he told me he could do nothing so he referred me to the hospital in Rockhampton which is 180km North of here… Andre pulled the kids out of school and off we went – they took a look at it – did an xray and send me home with crutches and a bandage ( It is supposed to be in plaster but I can’t have plaster as I have a past history of DVT (blood clots) ) – I have to go back over to Rockhampton on Monday to have an ultra sound and from there I will have to go see an orthopaedic sports medicine doctor and eventually I will have to have an operation to sew the tears together.  The health system here is pretty appalling so I do not hold my breath that this will be fixed any time soon.

Meantime being on crutches is driving me NUTS and I am impatient for the swelling to go down – as once it does I know that I will return to work – why?  We need the money,  as it is without me working we are now going to really struggle... and it also goes back to the original reason why we were trying to save in the first place but I think that is another tale for another day...


Florrie said...

Oh Chars, you are having a rough time of it at the moment..........we had to learn the lesson of living frugally just over a year ago, it can be done and is not always easy, but well worth it in the end. I also discovered the along with the slow cooker, my freezer is my best friend in the fight against food waste.

Hope you're feeling better soon,
take care, florrie x

liz said...

Hi there Chars, you sound as if you have a lot on your plate at the moment. We have been reading about the awful floods over there and I am so pleased to hear that you haven't been too badly affected. Panic buying is a really bug bear of mine, these situations do seem to bring out the worst in people dont't they! Living frugally becomes a way of life, but can be a struggle at times. It sounds as if you've got it sorted there though, having enough food for 7 days is a real acheivment with so many mouths to feed! I hope that that air con gets sorted soon, being hot and sweaty is not a pleasant feeling! Take care, Liz

Prairie Rose said...

I am so sorry that you all are having a rough time right now.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
Please keep us posted and take care of yourself!

Maria said...

Seems like you are one step ahead - wonderful and great thinking, even if you did it unknowingly.
Pity its way to hot and humid to craft (even down here) that would give you some down-time.
Good luck with your ankle

Florrie said...

The pattern for the DS pouch can be found on Ravelry.........just search for it as Shaun the Sheep DS pouch in the pattern section..........quite a quick knit.

florrie x

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like you've been very smart. I'm so sorry for all the devastation that's been going on. Hope your ankle heals up quickly, too.

a view from a brown dog said...

I am sorry to hear things have been difficult for you all. We have heard about the storms on our news and they do sound bad. Good for you on decreasing waste and learning to preserve what you have. What a blessing to know you have clean good food for several days for your family in cases like this, well done. Sending well wishes your way for a speedy ankle recovery. Take care