Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reality that bites....(having a bit of a whinge)

Its really hard to believe that we have been home for four weeks!  Four WHOLE weeks... filled with reality!!

Reality is a place that I really don't want to be right now...  I would much rather be sitting at the Lagoon in Airlie Beach, or anywhere but here really...

We always knew that we would have to return home with a bit of a bump but the reality of it??

The property that we are currently living in (renting) sold at the end of January and the change-over of owners happened relatively smoothly without us really even knowing much about it (always a good thing) one day the for sale sign had SOLD on it then it magically disappeared... and for that I am grateful as it has been nice to have quiet enjoyment of the property and not have to have the constant worry for prospective buyers traipsing through.   I am guessing we have had approximately 50 people view the property whilst we lived here before it eventually sold!  We were told when the property went under contract that the owners would want to take possession at the end of our lease... (which ends May 29) so we were not worried as this meant we had a few months to think about moving and gradually ease our minds into it and find somewhere new.

WRONG - the new owners would like to break our lease and we are being pressured to find a new property and move.  As there are only 2 real estates in town it is certainly in our best interests to comply - but it has left me resentful?  Not sure if thats the right word...?

Rather than wallow anymore we have decided to be pro-active about it...  life moves on at an alarming rate.  So today we are viewing 2 of the  rental properties that are currently available in our town and hopefully we will find our new home.

Anyone want to volunteer to come over and help me with the packing and cleaning?

I am anticipating we will be in our new house within 2 weeks....

Next on the agenda is the health of loved ones.  My mother in law is battling breast cancer and  received the results from her operation to state that she has a grade 3 aggressive form of cancer and will have to undergo Chemo and Radio therapy.  She is in a state of shock and so is my husband.   She has already started her treatments and is in good spirits ( or is pretending to be to us) and is determined to fight! This lady has already battled so much in her life....  she was not expected to live past age 8 due to a very rare heart condition.

My dad recently had another operation to strip cancerous tumours from his bowel... the specialist has once again said its an ongoing thing and he will be ok again until the next time... he has a few secondary health issues at the moment which are giving him more grief than the cancer!

On a more positive note...

I started my University Studies on March 3rd... and have dropped one subject already as I figured it was a subject that I have previously studied something similar so am attempting to get a credit recognition for prior learning.  If they won't do RPL then I will pick it up next year...  So I am just studying one subject this semester - Introduction to Environmental Health - its fascinating but extremely full on :)  I am getting alot from this subject and am  currently working on air quality and pollution levels.

I started back at work last week... and so far my ankle is behaving itself.

I have started on a crochet blanket for Micayla... but I will save sharing that till tomorrow.  This has been a text orintated heavy post and I need to go hang the washing on the line and then get stuck into my readings :)

Hopefully tomorrow I can share news about our new home too.

hugs to all that need them :)


Karan said...

That's hardly fair of the new owners - they knew the situation when they bought so they should be patient... it's not as if there's long for them to wait! Hope you get sorted soon. Sorry to read about your MIL & Dad's health problems (((((((((hugs))))))))). Good Luck with the studies. :0)

Shelleen said...

Good luck on house hunting and will keep your family in my prayers.