Sunday, April 24, 2011

New digs - New crochet project

Hi everyone...

Here I am (well this was taken yesterday afternoon) -  I would consider us 75% unpacked ?  We just need to come up with some storage solutions for things like my craft stash (as this house doesn't have built in wardrobes to hide things in)

Andre bought me this wicker basket to put some of my stash in next to the couch...
Peek a boo - what do I spy?  The beginnings of the Under the Sea rug for us with the stash I bought the other day...
Without further adou this is the pattern that I decided to use.  It is called Thoroughly modern Granny and was published by Annies Attic many years ago... (too lazy to get up and check) but it was a part of the pattern quilt club collection.  Years ago I was sent a photocopied version (naughty) and when we left Exmouth it went to the tip with lots of other papers...  but thanks to ebay I finally tracked it down again and purchased it in March... it took 2 weeks to arrive from the US but it was worth the wait as I finally have the pattern again (and before you ask I could not remember for the life of me how to do the loops on the corners without the pattern- LOL ) - it is simple but effective and I just love the way it works out.
Please excuse the ends as I just wanted to take some photos and share with you :)
I am especially loving the way that these 2 colours are working together and am debating whether to go back to BIG W and purchase more of these colours?  and just make the whole rug in these colours ... or if I should do blocks of 4 with 2 colour combinations and then put them together.  So many ideas running through my head - decisions decisions :)

What do you think ??


Granny said...

Whatever you decide, it will be beautiful. I had that pattern at one time and like you, misplaced or disposed of it.

lily said...

I love those colours, they really paint pictures of under the sea.......rainbow fish and magical will be a beautiful rug, amazing granny pattern.
lily x

Becks said...

Those colours really are a reflection of the sea. I'm sure the rug will be beautiful whatever you decide to do but I have to say that those colours look great as they are without any others added.