Monday, April 25, 2011

weight loss - gulp

Over the past few months I have noticed that my clothes are snugger than normal and I really should go up a size or 2 :(  I have weighed myself on the Nintendo Wii (using the wii balance board and wii fit program)  a few times and thought to myself - hmmm I really should do somthing about that?  Join weight watchers again?? but did nothing and continued to eat my way fatter...

I weighed myself on the wii this morning - GULP my BMI was 37.56 and my weight was 112.4kg!!!

My ideal weight for height is somewhere in the range between 65kg and 75kg.  As I am tall - 5ft 8"or 1.73M

So I thought about it for about an hour and took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  The reason I chose to do the Weight Watchers Online is that it works out to be cheaper per month than attending meetings (by $30 a month) and also if I get called into work I can't attend the meetings on the Monday nights anyway.

I have decided to use my blog to keep myself accountable so to speak. 

Now just to figure out where I can squeeze exercise into my already jam packed life? 


Sue said...

I have always wondered about the WW program and how much it exactly costs. We had neighbours who did the point system and lost a heap of weight. I think I need to get down to about 73 kgs too so I can fit in my old clothes.

Maria said...

Good luck Chars, and very brave of you to go public. Maybe I should join you :-) no, really, I should