Friday, May 27, 2011


Hi-ya everyone...   This post is going to be a bit of a whinge :(  So I really understand if you choose not to read this.  :)

I wonder if blogger will let me post tonight?  It *ate* the post that I have been trying to upload for the past few days... sigh.

Anyway - a new post and I will redo the other post sooner or later - just hoping it will magically reappear?

At the moment the above 4 words describe how I am feeling.





Its been a very busy week - I have had training for my new work position and so far I am LOVING IT.  Today was my first full shift and I guess thats where the tired comes into it.. though it is not physically hard or challenging work like my other job was.  I used to come home from my night job physically exhausted - covered in bruises and aching from head to toe for days after a shift - am I missing it - NO - am I missing my work mates - YES.  Guess I will have to see if I can meet up with them sometime socially. 

Normally on a Friday night - I would be at the above mentioned job... so I am not used to being here on Friday nights.

Tonight Andre has a work function in Rockhampton - a 180km drive away.  I'm worried about him driving home :(  Lots ot roos on the roads so I hope they do not leave it too late.

I just can't seem to be able to find something to take my mind off the fact that I am here alone with the kids.  I'm not scared as the town in which we live is a *safe* town... one of those rare towns where people do not lock the doors or cars... (but we still do out of force of habit)... I guess the correct word to describe how I am feeling would be restless?  Unable to concentrate or find something to occupy myself ...

Its not like I don't have a thousand things I could be doing... my crochet projects... my cross stitch... a letter to a friend perhaps?  I still need to delete 50 odd words out of my assignment before I can lodge it... and the list goes on and on...

I might go flick through the tv options again in case something captures my interest.... ?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Just a VERY quick message :)  The job I applied for yesterday is MINE all MINE :)  I applied in person yesterday and had an informal interview there and then which I was not mentally ready for - nor dressed for ( I was wearing Jeans, Ugg Boots and a skivvy) but this morning I missed a phone call and when I returned the call I got the good news - the job is MINE :)

It is at the Service Station next door...(so I have an extremely LONG commute to work - LOL) its 3 days one week - Friday, Saturday, Sunday and 2 days the Next week Sunday, Monday. 5.75hour shifts and shifts are 5am till 10am.... 10am till 3pm and 3pm till 8 pm. Its not physical work - SO I will not be tired, sore and cranky and although I will be away from the kids and Andre on weekends... its not a LONG shift. And the hours are permanent but pay rate is casual!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

week 3

Jumped on the scales this morning to discover I had lost - left me feeling totally surprised?  As I had a pretty bad week food wise and blew the diet on at least 3 occassions.  Am wondering if the scales were mucking up last week?  Who knows!  I will accept the loss...  :) and my clothes are still fitting better :) Sitting here wearing jeans I could not get done up a week or so ago :) YAY

Current weight is 109.4kg - total loss 3kg.

Sorry not much updating on the craft side - I have the last assignment for my current University subject due soon and I am literally pulling my hair out! 

Have also applied for another job - it will be a guaranteed 25hour fortnight - no nights.  So I am hopeful I get that :) ?  Working nights has really been affecting  my family time and my studying... leaving me tired and cranky and I am left wondering if it is worth it!!  ??

Monday, May 9, 2011


Weigh in morning - I expected to have lost heaps this week as I have been working hard - but alas I have gained?  Back to being 111.4kg so a gain of 1.7kg

I will be extra careful with portion sizings and tracking this week and take fruit as a snack at work.  One night I bought a chocolate (but I counted it so?)

Lets see what this week brings - My clothes are fitting better so who knows?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day - 2011

Its Mothers Day in Australia so I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of the wonderful mums in the world - Happy Mothers Day.

So far I have had a wonderful mothers day :)

My children let me sleep in until 11ish - then they brought me in 4 lovely cards that they made me at school, and an assortment of presents:

  • A charm type bracelet
  • A box of stationery
  • A napkin holder with a cute cow on it (that I am going to use as a letter holder)
  • A Robbie Williams CD
  • A Voucher for the hairdressers for a pamper treatment, massage and blow dry
So I am feeling spoilt :)

Andre then cooked me a lovely brunch of bacon and eggs on the BBQ and we sat outside as a family and ate.  Andre and Micayla have roast beef in the slowcooker for our dinner tonight (with my instruction as to how to cook it and what to add) and we will also have mashed potatoes, carrots and beans (that one of them will cook with my instruction no doubt).

My eldest son (whom is almost 21) phoned me...which was a lovely surprise as this is the first year that he has bothered since he has been not living with us...(left our care in 2001) -  this year it also meant so much more to me for reasons best left unsaid, but I am so proud of him that he is finally attempting to get his life on track.

Apparently I also have a Mothers Day card enroute too - He said it will be a nice surprise even though he just spoilt the surprise :)

I have 7 children that I have given birth to and 2 step children.  I don't expect to hear from my step children as they are only small (age 10 and 8) and I am not their REAL mum...

So at this stage I am left wondering if my other 2 children will contact me?

I doubt that my 2nd eldest son will - he is 19 and I have not spoken to him for years... :(  He will always be my son and I will be here waiting for him when he decides he needs his mum.  Although we do move heaps he has no excuse as he can get my phone number or address from my parents, his older brother or he could message me on facebook.

So that leaves my 17year old daughter...  ????  Guess she has until midnight until I am once again hurt and disappointed in her.  (I will edit this if she does contact me by some miracle)

Oh well I know that 5 of my 7 children love and appreciate me so I guess thats not a bad average :)  Off to cuddle up to my husband on the couch , watch football and crochet a bit.

Monday, May 2, 2011

weigh in - week one

As someone that has previously followed the weight watchers plan - I know that if you follow the plan and stay within the points they allocate you then you will lose weight.  

I have found the new propoints plan to be confusing - thank goodness for the computer and the online tools that enable you to calculate points value at a glance - sometimes before eating - sometimes after.

Propoints gives you a daily allowance - a weekly allowance - and an exercise bonus.

To be honest I didn't really change my eating habits much -  Due to special occasions we ate out twice and had pizza one night for dinner.   I guess the difference is that I was aware of potion sizings, and making better choices from the menu.

I also started walking the kids to and from school which works out to be 20 - 30 mins of exercise per day.  At the old house we lived directly across the road from the school so the kids walked out the front door and across the highway with the help of the lollipop ladies.  Now we live 3 blocks away with some busy streets to cross.

Andre and I also went for a walk one night - 30 mins just around the neighbourhood which was great and I would like to do every night but I understand it may not get the opportunity to happen so I guess I should regard this as a bonus.

I need to get my wii fit plus disc polished so that I can use it daily to exercise and I am thinking I might have to walk lengths of our yard or something to get the heart rate up?  The littlest princess is too big for a pram or stroller so I can't just pop her in and go for a walk.

Anyway - I am pleased with my week and also with the results - as it is heading in the right direction - down.

So to share with you all....  this week I weigh in at 109.7kg which is a loss of 2.7kg :)