Monday, May 9, 2011


Weigh in morning - I expected to have lost heaps this week as I have been working hard - but alas I have gained?  Back to being 111.4kg so a gain of 1.7kg

I will be extra careful with portion sizings and tracking this week and take fruit as a snack at work.  One night I bought a chocolate (but I counted it so?)

Lets see what this week brings - My clothes are fitting better so who knows?


Granny said...

With all the work it's easy to gain muscle and lose inches and still not lose weight. Don't get discouraged.

lily said...

I agree with Granny, besides I'm sure I read somewhere that muscle weighs heavier than fat so any extra exercise is sure to result in more muscle and less's early days yet hon, don't get too'll get there.

lily x

liz said...

Losing weight is very hard work. It is difficult not to get disheartened, but try not to. Its a slow process, but you'll get there!! Lots and lots of luck with this weeks dieting, fingers crossed for you!

Sheliah said...

Hang in there, Char! I agree with the above posters--next weeks numbers will be better!

Becks said...

I read this and instantly though - your clothes fit better so you must be toning up. And muscle is denser and therefore heavier than fat so maybe that explains it?
Keep on going, it's not about the numbers, it's about how you feel. And the better fitting clothes say it all surely?