Monday, May 2, 2011

weigh in - week one

As someone that has previously followed the weight watchers plan - I know that if you follow the plan and stay within the points they allocate you then you will lose weight.  

I have found the new propoints plan to be confusing - thank goodness for the computer and the online tools that enable you to calculate points value at a glance - sometimes before eating - sometimes after.

Propoints gives you a daily allowance - a weekly allowance - and an exercise bonus.

To be honest I didn't really change my eating habits much -  Due to special occasions we ate out twice and had pizza one night for dinner.   I guess the difference is that I was aware of potion sizings, and making better choices from the menu.

I also started walking the kids to and from school which works out to be 20 - 30 mins of exercise per day.  At the old house we lived directly across the road from the school so the kids walked out the front door and across the highway with the help of the lollipop ladies.  Now we live 3 blocks away with some busy streets to cross.

Andre and I also went for a walk one night - 30 mins just around the neighbourhood which was great and I would like to do every night but I understand it may not get the opportunity to happen so I guess I should regard this as a bonus.

I need to get my wii fit plus disc polished so that I can use it daily to exercise and I am thinking I might have to walk lengths of our yard or something to get the heart rate up?  The littlest princess is too big for a pram or stroller so I can't just pop her in and go for a walk.

Anyway - I am pleased with my week and also with the results - as it is heading in the right direction - down.

So to share with you all....  this week I weigh in at 109.7kg which is a loss of 2.7kg :)


Sheliah said...

Congratulations on the weight loss!

lily said...

Well done, Chars. Loosing weight is such a big accomplishment, keep going, I know you can do it.
lily xx

Bev said...

well done on the wight loss i am in the excat same position as you but i am doing slimming world as i found WW too complicated but after two weeks of loosing for another two weeks i have stayed the same, dont know if its wrong time of month or what,but hoping tonights weigh in will be better, good luck will follow your journey we will get there lol

ohiofarmgirl said...

Good for is worth will get there. Just hang in there. Dianntha

Janine said...

Well done Char. I myself know how hard it is to lose weight. You are one busy lady so I do appreciate how hard it is to implement and stay on a program for losing weight.

Becks said...

Well done on the weight loss. I wish my husband had the same willpower, he needs to lose a few stone but he just can't resist chocolate or crisps! I decided to return to a vegan diet the last week and have lost 7lbs in 8 days!! Maybe an idea for anyone looking for a kickstart detox quick weight loss?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Well done on the weight loss.