Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hello Everyone..

Sorry its been quite a few weeks between blog posts - Thank you to every one of you that cared enough to drop me an email or Ravelry message and say hi - all of your thoughts and well wishes have meant the world to me.

The "doldrums" have lasted longer than they should but we are hopefully moving in a more positive direction... We are certainly at a cross roads and have about 4 weeks until we will know which road is the correct path to take - sorry to be so cryptic but I guess I have no real answers until the time comes.

I got a good mark for my last Uni assignment which dragged my overall grade up so that made me happy.

I am struggling with my current Uni subjects - but who said that study was supposed to be easy?

The new job is working out well - I was told last night by the boss that I have proved to be a "godsend"and the money is certainly coming in handy.  I am probably working more than I would want as it is eating valuable family and study and crafting time.

On a Craft note - not much to report other than a quick scarf I made Andre before he left to visit his mum in Victoria.

Anyway = best run - have to start work in 10 mins... talk to you sooooooon xxxxxxxxx


lily said...

Hi Chars,

Glad everything's picking up for you, hope you mange to grab some "ME" time soon,

take care, lily x said...

I planned to send you an email today if there wasn't a new posting from you. Delighted to see an update from you! Sheliah

Dorothy said...

Hi Chars ... Good to have 'found' you here and have added you to my blog list. Hope all is well with you.

Felicity said...

Glad to see you are posting again. Email me some time and I'll tell you my crypic news. LOL