Monday, April 25, 2011

weight loss - gulp

Over the past few months I have noticed that my clothes are snugger than normal and I really should go up a size or 2 :(  I have weighed myself on the Nintendo Wii (using the wii balance board and wii fit program)  a few times and thought to myself - hmmm I really should do somthing about that?  Join weight watchers again?? but did nothing and continued to eat my way fatter...

I weighed myself on the wii this morning - GULP my BMI was 37.56 and my weight was 112.4kg!!!

My ideal weight for height is somewhere in the range between 65kg and 75kg.  As I am tall - 5ft 8"or 1.73M

So I thought about it for about an hour and took the plunge and signed up for Weight Watchers Online.  The reason I chose to do the Weight Watchers Online is that it works out to be cheaper per month than attending meetings (by $30 a month) and also if I get called into work I can't attend the meetings on the Monday nights anyway.

I have decided to use my blog to keep myself accountable so to speak. 

Now just to figure out where I can squeeze exercise into my already jam packed life? 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New digs - New crochet project

Hi everyone...

Here I am (well this was taken yesterday afternoon) -  I would consider us 75% unpacked ?  We just need to come up with some storage solutions for things like my craft stash (as this house doesn't have built in wardrobes to hide things in)

Andre bought me this wicker basket to put some of my stash in next to the couch...
Peek a boo - what do I spy?  The beginnings of the Under the Sea rug for us with the stash I bought the other day...
Without further adou this is the pattern that I decided to use.  It is called Thoroughly modern Granny and was published by Annies Attic many years ago... (too lazy to get up and check) but it was a part of the pattern quilt club collection.  Years ago I was sent a photocopied version (naughty) and when we left Exmouth it went to the tip with lots of other papers...  but thanks to ebay I finally tracked it down again and purchased it in March... it took 2 weeks to arrive from the US but it was worth the wait as I finally have the pattern again (and before you ask I could not remember for the life of me how to do the loops on the corners without the pattern- LOL ) - it is simple but effective and I just love the way it works out.
Please excuse the ends as I just wanted to take some photos and share with you :)
I am especially loving the way that these 2 colours are working together and am debating whether to go back to BIG W and purchase more of these colours?  and just make the whole rug in these colours ... or if I should do blocks of 4 with 2 colour combinations and then put them together.  So many ideas running through my head - decisions decisions :)

What do you think ??

Monday, April 4, 2011

Positive things...

Firstly today I would like to wish my twin sons Liam and Eamonn a very happy 5th Birthday :)  Its hard to believe that we have reached this milestone! They started *big school* in January and are no longer babies.

We have found a new home and will be moving on April 15th - its virtually down 2 blocks and round the corner from where we are living now - so still an easy walk to the children's school and also to the shops - cheaper rent by $100 a week which should enable us to save some $$ for future more positive plans.

I started packing - oh how I hate packing - but one of the first things I decided to pack was my beloved stash :)  I decided to look on it as a postive and rediscover what I had :)  I feel blessed that I now have a stash as when we left Exmouth in October 2009 I sold my stash in a garage sale so I have rebuilt in the last year and a bit...  I should have taken photos to share...but forgot (forgive me) perhaps when I am unpacking it I will remember?  

Andre is always a good stash enabler... often purchasing stash for me or encouraging me to purchase when we are in a shop that sells yarn.  I received several balls of yarn as part of my birthday gift.. and today when we went into Gladstone shopping to purchase the boys a Birthday gift.  Andre and I ended up in the yarn section.  On discovering that the 100G acrylic was on sale for $2.57 ( I also receive a 5% staff discount on all purchases in BIG W) so we ended up buying 14 balls of yarn so I can make us a cover for our bed.  I have a pattern in mind and I will share it once I unpack and get started :)  One good thing about purchasing yarn at BIG W - if I need more they always have the same colours in stock.

 We decided on the colours of the sea...  which will match our existing Linen...

Here is a photo of the blanket that I have started for Miss Micayla's bed...    I found this yarn when I was packng my stash. When I saw it I remembered I purchased it at the end of last winter on clearance for $1 (plus a percent off due to some sale that was on at the time - but I remember it scanned as less than a $1 a ball - total bargain)

 This is more the true colours of the varigated yarn...

It is working up reasonally fast and this is still the 2nd ball so the pattern is not a yarn hungry one :)  Hopefully a happy dance will follow soon as I really want to play with my new stash :)