Saturday, August 6, 2011

Home Made Pizza Pockets

I received an email from PRAIRIE ROSE whom sent me some links to some yummy recipes :)  One of which was the recipe for Homemade Hot Pockets.

As they looked like something that we would LOVE I decided to make them with pizza sauce and meat/cheese and mushrooms.  So they in fact turned into Pizza Pockets.

 Here are some of the finished products - not as brown as I would have liked but my oven burns the bottoms of everything so I rescued them.

Kids didn't mind and they were all gone in a flash :)  Very yummy.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recipe anyone?

HI Everyone..

I am sick and tired of all the processed *expensive* junk food that the supermarket sells that ends up in my children's lunchboxes... 

So... I need your help?

I'm looking for any recipes for treats that can be included in lunchboxes and for after school snacks etc.

Cupcakes, biscuits, cookies? 

I promise to post lots of photos of my attempts :) and let you know if your recipe is a winner with my family.

Please email me ( all of your favourites or leave me comment with a link to a blogpost or recipe online.