Saturday, March 10, 2012

Have you missed me?

Hello :) Thank you to those whom have contacted me concerned at my lack of posting.  I had a bit of an unplanned hiatus and am now finally feeling up to posting.  

The doldrums are a really hard place to pick yourself up out of sometimes... the longer that I left posting - the harder it was to come and post, and I even contemplated starting a new blog!!

No news yet as to what the future holds for our family.  Hopeful that sooner or later I will have some news to share :)

Meanwhile... Here is the baby round ripple that I made for my sister's new baby.  I finished it about a week before she went into labour - phew :) 

 January 31st saw my sister have her baby and we welcomed my new neice Grace Ivy into the world.  Isn't she just so cute??
Such a tiny little baby doll... so precious... a pity that they have to grow up huh?