Sunday, September 9, 2012

Missing in action...

Hi all...

Ok so its not tomorrow but I have been really busy this past week - I also have a love/hate  relationship with blogger at the moment as I have tried to type this message on two other separate occasions and when I went to upload blogget ate it!  Lesson learnt - so today I am going to copy what I have written prior to  hitting publish so that I don't lose it... oh and before you say "did you check your drafts"- yeah not a jot so for some reason it didn't save?

Anyway - on to the matters of  my health...

In June I discovered that I had Gall Stones.  I had quite a few episodes of severe pain. On one occassion I once again presented to the hospital and not even Morphine dulled the pain...I was transferred to Ballarat Base hospital and given IV antibiotics as they discovered I had an  infection.  After that admission I was bumped up the hospital waiting list and sent home.  Several more bouts of pain - most of which were dealt with by taking Endone (A extra strong painkiller) which left me tired and washed out.

By the time July 26 (operation date)  rolled around I was OVER IT!!

Its been a slow recovery as I am still in some pain, (which according to the hospital should be gone) and I have had to have more blood tests done last week to test my liver function.  During all of this my liver function tests showed that my liver was sick to put it mildly.  So if the bloodwork shows something wrong with my liver I have to have another ultrasound and the merry-go-round continues?

Last week I also had to have ANOTHER ultrasound  done on my ankle as it has been aching, and unexpectedly giving way on me.  Some of you whom have been reading this blog for a long  time will know that I originally injured my ankle in May 2008 prior to moving to Exmouth in Western Australia and its been an ongoing issue as I have a tear in my  peroneal tendon that has never been fixed!!  I've had plaster - I have stayed off it... BLAH!!  So we will have to wait and see what the latest ultrasound shows? and how this doctor will deal with it?

I want it sorted so that I don't have to deal with it later in life!!

Anyway - enough of the health talk!!

Yesterday I had a new cross stitch start :)  Its a smallish chart that I want to complete as an Anniversary present for Andre.  Not bad for an afternoons stitching?

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