Sunday, October 7, 2012


After my last post and the lovely messages that I received I decided that I will continue to persevere with my knitting...  Perhaps concentrate on smaller items for a bit and practice, practice, practice...working up to bigger and better things as my confidence grows.  I decided that I would knit some dishcloths for presents for upcoming Birthdays and Christmas...

But then I looked around and almost everywhere I looked I could spy a UFO...  or maybe a neglected WIP?  Into this category I also included University Textbooks for my studies.

It seems over the past few years I have became a chronic starter :( and not much finishing gets done.   

Andre and I have had quite a few arguments over the years about varied things and invariably he raises the issue that I never finish anything.   (Which motivated me at the time... to not only start but finish his fathers day card!!)  

I know that he is not only referring to craft, but he is also referring to the fact that I have been putting off my University studies for lots of years. So I made a decision.... its time to finish Uni... face my fears and just do it.  I have currently completed 4 subjects but due to living here in Daylesford I can no longer complete the degree in Environmental Health that I was working towards.  We simply do not have the available cash for me to travel to Rockhampton 2x per year to attend residential school.  So I have to change study track :(  After many decisions I have decided to study Environmental Sustainability... and then do a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health (Environmental Health).  Unfortunately only 1 of my previous subjects can count towards the Bachelor of Environmental Sustainability... so I am virtually starting over... and that's a scary thought!

Study term starts November 26th... so until then I have time to try to attempt to get some of the craft UFO's in order...

The following are in no way all of my UFO's... these are just the ones that are visible from where I am sitting on the computer!  (OOPS)  So without further ado let me introduce the following projects.

This is a doily that I started ??  I am thinking maybe January this year.  I do know that I originally started it as a gift for my mother-in-law for her birthday as purple is her favourite colour.    SO... last night I dug it out and added 4 rounds to it and plan to finish it off for her for Christmas.  :)  I figure even if I manage one round per day it should get finished in time.  I am using Paton's Gem cotton and a size 2.00mm hook.  (can you even purchase Paton's Gem cotton any more?)

This is the Wedding Anniversary gift that I started for Andre ... its progressed a bit from the photo a few posts back.  Deadline for this is November 26th.... so I will need to make sure that I do a few stitches every day to get it finished in time.  I might utilise a few of Xanthe's Kinder days to just sit and stitch on this.

 This is the latest progress picture on my Aurora Cabin piece. (please forgive the wrinkles) I am thinking that perhaps I should concentrate on going back and filling in some of the missing bits ... but picking a blank area and working on it for a few days straight still holds lots of appeal.    I really enjoyed seeing the house come to life.  This will be finished sometime in my lifetime as it is the biggest and most complicated piece that I have ever stitched!

This is a Dinosaur's head :)  I started it as a gift for Annie's birthday.  As her birthday was September 21st perhaps I should finish it as a part of her Christmas Gift?    Before you ask why I am making a blue dinosaur for 10 year old girl...  Annie is Dinosaur mad and blue is her favourite colour.
 Here are some slippers that I started for Miss Xanthe.  This is the sole and I guess I need to finish them soon or her foot will have grown or it will be too hot for her to wear them.

This is a tunic style jumper that I started for myself.  I have not even finished crocheting along the foundation chain of the first row.  I kinda stalled and wondered if I would really wear a jumper made of hot pink?  Short answer is probably so I guess I will progress with this in the hope of completing it before next winter.  Once some of the other things above are finished it will give me something to do when I am procrastinating about studying... ?

I dare not hunt any deeper for any more UFO's...  Admitting to the above was bad enough.  How many UFO's and WIP do you have??

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I admire those that can knit.  I admire the beautiful creations that they produce with the rythmic clicking of their needles. I love the look and feel of knitted articles.

Problem is - although technically I can knit... I am not very good at it.

I know that with practice I will get faster and my tension will improve.

I am a thrower... and I drop my needle each and every stitch.  I think the average knitter watching me would quickly become frustrated for me at the cumbersome non productive way that I knit... :(  I have tried to learn continental style because as a born crocheter it makes sense to me to hold the yarn in the left hand... but  believe it or not I am even slower knitting this method and end up reverting back to my throwing.

I dream of a day where I can knit myself or my family a lovely article of clothing that will actually get worn... that doesn't take forever and that will be done in a reasonable time frame.  My slowness means that I lose patience, and *heart* and I put it to one side eventually as a I realise that the person whom I was making it for has definately outgrown it....

Should I persevere?  Or just give up the dream that I will ever be anything other than a crocheter who dreams of being a knitter?