Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I admire those that can knit.  I admire the beautiful creations that they produce with the rythmic clicking of their needles. I love the look and feel of knitted articles.

Problem is - although technically I can knit... I am not very good at it.

I know that with practice I will get faster and my tension will improve.

I am a thrower... and I drop my needle each and every stitch.  I think the average knitter watching me would quickly become frustrated for me at the cumbersome non productive way that I knit... :(  I have tried to learn continental style because as a born crocheter it makes sense to me to hold the yarn in the left hand... but  believe it or not I am even slower knitting this method and end up reverting back to my throwing.

I dream of a day where I can knit myself or my family a lovely article of clothing that will actually get worn... that doesn't take forever and that will be done in a reasonable time frame.  My slowness means that I lose patience, and *heart* and I put it to one side eventually as a I realise that the person whom I was making it for has definately outgrown it....

Should I persevere?  Or just give up the dream that I will ever be anything other than a crocheter who dreams of being a knitter?


Vicky said...

Practice Practice Practice. If you want some easy patterns let me know :)

Dorothy said...

I can totally relate to you as I'm in the same boat. I agree that knitted garments drape better! My advice? Persevere. Good luck and don't forget to show pics along the way.

Kerry said...

Don't give up sweetie!!! I used to be so slow it was awful. I remember a time en it would take me weeks just to knit a dishcloth. I throw and I can knit like the wind now. It all comes with time and practice. :-)

Prairie Rose said...

Never, Never give up!
Char, just a mere 4 years ago, I was a newly wed in a strange land with no friends or family near by, living in a rural area where there was no classes or local yarn stores.
Thanks to books and you tube, I taught myself to knit.
Started with scarves, then hats, then slippers and now I am knitting socks.
Its all practice and even experienced knitters can tell you, that there is always something to learn in knitting.
There is no clumsy knitters or beginners, we are all learners.
I would like to make sweaters someday, it sounds like a unimaginable feat right now, but I know that someday I will be making sweaters.

Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh, I hope you don't give up! I'm very, very slow at knitting, which certainly can be frustrating. But, I try to see it as an opportunity to teach my impatient self to slow down and try to enjoy the process. Most of the time I also try to pick simple patterns that allow me to focus on and practice the basic stitches - washcloths and simple baby items. I admire people who can do complicated patterns, but I'm not there yet either (still afraid of circular needles, too!) Be kind to yourself, and don't worry about the end products so much :)

angela said...

Start with small things to build your confidence. Knitted dish cloths, and scarfs. Even fingerless gloves. That's what I did and I have taught myself to read patterns now and have knitted baby clothes and even a couple of things for me know. Keep at it you will get better, if I can do it so can you!