Friday, May 4, 2012


Just a quickie to let you know that we are safely in Daylesford.  Here is a shot of the littlest princess and I enjoying the view from our new backyard :) Yep we managed to secure a rental.  Adjusting to the colder climate has been a bit of a challenge for all of us - I have to keep remembering to THINK LAYERS!!  After living in Queensland and previously Western Australia we have really forgotten what cold is all about!!

Our furniture took the long route and arrived late - but its been a week and I am finally starting to feel like I am getting to the end of the unpacking.

The children have settled into their new schools well.  Miss 12 had to make the jump from primary school to high school and seems to be coping with it.  The twins have settled into grade one at Daylesford primary and thankfully were able to be placed into separate classes so that they can continue to grow and learn as individuals.  The littlest princess started 4 year old kinder and is happy and confident and more than ready to make the jump to prep next year.

Andre has started his new job and is enjoying it so far - fingers crossed that he continues to enjoy it and that we can settle here for a bit.

On that note I had best go get my outdoor gear on and walk to town to collect the boys...  Hope that you are all safe well and happy and I will be slowly catching up on my blog reading soon.

hugs xxx