Sunday, July 1, 2012

Time Flies...

Its hard to believe that we have lived in Daylesford since April....  time sure is speeding by at an alarming rate.

In that time we have watched the leaves on the trees mark time for us as the weather has slowly gotten colder and colder.

Here is a shot of the *acorn* tree in the fairy garden in May...

Here is a different angle of the same tree mid June...  Surrounded by thick fog... Looking from about half the backyard towards the house.....

These 2 photos were taken on June 27th...  shots by Andre of the same tree - all red now and shedding leaves at an alarming rate..

Every morning I gaze out at this spectacular tree and marvel in its beauty and the fact that every day it looks different.  If we are still here next Autumn I might take a photo a day and capture this natural beautiful phenomenon.   After living in warmer climbs for the past few years the changing of the seasons is still novel to us :)

Since being here..

I have discovered that I am enjoying the cold weather - slowly we are acclimatising.  We do not have transport so walking to school when there is frost on the ground certainly is invigorating :)  Its been great for our fitness levels and the three littlies and I have enjoyed some wonderful conversations about the hows and whys associated with the season changes etc..  I think its been a bonding experience overall.

Suddenly there is a demand for my hand-crafted items.  I now have a long list of things that everyone would like me to make for them.  At the moment I am in the process of designing the littlest princess a crochet tunic style dress.  I couldn't find a pattern so decided to just make one.  I really should finish it but she asked me with the sweetest look the other day to make her a scarf - so since that is more the priority I immediately cast on a scarf for her...  yeah I need to finish that also :)  I also need to put a few more rows on Andre's footy blanket and start one each for the boys.

I've been doing a lot of contemplating about life - and where I want to be...what the future holds for me...

Do I want to continue to study?
Do I want to go back to work?
Do I just want to stay at home and be a mum and housewife?

I don't really know the answers yet - but I do know that I am learning to be contented with what we have and make the best of every day.  Not feel guilty if I don't achieve stuff.  Not to beat myself up over it - or get angry - rather to just do my best and express to my family daily how much I love them.

Life is way too short!!!

This was all brought about because I have been sick.  Not entirely sure what is wrong with me yet - lets just call it the "mystery illness" for now until I get my test results (tomorrow afternoon) and I may or may not share - depending I guess.  Lets just say the pain (and remembered pain) has been enough for me to do as I am told - stick to the bland yucky plain tasteless diet and give up caffeine - for someone that used to live on coffee and Pepsi Max its been incredibly hard to do.  I have to say that the caffeine withdrawals took 3 days and were incredibly hard to suffer through (whine) so much so that I am unsure that even if allowed I will ever eat/drink coffee or drink cola again...  I have been amazed at how much better I feel without the caffeine in my system - less tired that's for sure... which is funny really as I thought caffeine was supposed to keep you alert and awake?

I am also going to make a commitment to blog more... no excuses... its a great way to diarise my life.